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Hi, I'm Mew Here! :)

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Hey everyone, what's mew?

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Sherice, AKA Sparkie and known on this board as Artemis, after my furry kitten companion. You might know me from SitePoint forums. If you don't, then count your blessings!

I run a web design business at Pawsitronic.com. As you can tell by the site, I'm a cat lover! I'm also a senior in college majoring in Spanish.

I found these forums through member Anat at SitePoint, and decided that a cat forum was the place for me!

Glad to be here and hope to get to know you all
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Welcome Sherice!

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I would say hello in Spanish, but all I remember from my high school classes is "que hora es" and something about books in a library! What I do know, is this board is full of caring and energetic people who challenge me every day to learn more and to care more. Welcome, pull up a chair and tell us some more about you.
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Welcome Artemis!

Glad you joined us! and thanks for the advice you gave me in Sitepoint!

Anat is my user name in some forums. You may also see my around as Shoonra and as TCS...
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site!

It's nice to meet you! Please tell us more about you and your feline friend.

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Hi Sherice, welcome to the CatSite. Will love it as much as I do. This is the only place where you can talk about your pets and not have people groan or say that you are silly. You major in spanish? Well I speak spanish too. Its kind of rusty but I am getting on with it. By the way, maybe you can help me figure out the spanish words for "spay" and "neuter" so that I can explain to the Hispanics why it is necessary.

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Sherice, maybe between you and me, we can give spanish lessons to our CatSite friends. Those of you who live in Puerto Rico, Cuban, or mexican populated areas, it would be very helpful.
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Welcome!!!!!!! You'll love it here!!!!
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Welcome!! Please come in and make yourself comfortable. This is a great place for cat lovers!!
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Sherice....I am SO glad you have joined our happy family!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!
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Hi Everyone...

Just a note to say hi and I'm new here as well. My name is Sharal (pronounced like Cheryl). I'm married and live in AZ and am the human plaything of two 7 year old male kitties. They are like night and day. One is ultra needy and the other one (who has recently decided to show me how effective he is at spraying) is very anti-social. And to think that I believed for all my life that neutered cats don't spray. Yeah right! :LOL:

Anyway, it's great to be here and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Sharal~Slave to Harley and Willie
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Welcome to the board as well. There is a spray you can get called feliway spray that discourages cats from spraying indoors. I have 5 male cats that have been neutered, and they spray, and 3 females that have been spayed and they spray as well. Can you say Febreeze! :laughing: Of course the revolving door is always open, and more cats get dumped here, so they are just being territorial. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff, and do some spraying and some candle burning of my own.

Welcome to the board, I know you will like it here. Everyone seems to!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Here's your welcome-wagon Blob-O-Rama:

I hope we see lots of you (and Harley and Willie) here!

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Welcome, Sherice! You are going to love these forums!

So, did you name your cat Artemis after the moon cats in Sailor moon?
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Hissy mentioned a product called Feliway Spray. Where can I obtain it?

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Welcome, Welcome You will definately love it here
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I'm a little bit behind but welcome to all the newcomers!

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Because I deal with so many cats, I get my spray through this website. http://www.sosanimals.com/catprod.html but, you can go to any pet supply store and find it, also grooming supply stores will sometimes carry it. It is very effective, and does not hurt the animal at all when you use it...
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Thank you all, I appreciate your welcome very much and so does Artemis! I didnt name her after Sailor Moon..I named her because when I first brought her home, she would lay waiting in a dark corner behind the couch and spring out and pounce on my feet like a little hunter, so I named her after the greek goddess of hunting. She thinks she's a goddess =)
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Pawsitronic is a very cool place! Everybody should check it out and "save" it for future reference.

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:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:

Welcome Sherice, and Sharal !!! Hope to see a lot of the both of you !!!

:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Thanks for the welcome, Blue! This site has been a plethora of valuable information.

My little "darling" Willie sprayed the chair today again after my husband had just cleaned it. Did it right in front of him as bold as you please! Dang cat has nerve, I'll say that much! I told my husband to use the carpet shampooer because just spraying the Petzyme on isn't getting deep enough. Bought a black light bulb to show him where the stain still comes through.

Counting to 1000... :LOL:

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek !!

i have not had that problem, as of yet, anyway ! *cross fingers*

is this a behaviourial issue, you think ? or health ?

i thought too, for the longest time, that they only sprayed when they werent neutered yah right, eh ?

i sure hope you can find something to take the smell away, it's the only downside, or hassle,
that comes with having cats, the smells... the litterbox, the spraying... and so on !

good luck Sharal, hope it works out alright, and i might add, i think you're taking it very well
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Hola! Welcome from Simba and his human.
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Welcome Sharal!!! I already welcomed Sherice so I wanted to make sure I welcomed you too!

Hey guys....this whole "spraying " thing has me fascinated.....I need to know more about it....Merlin is not neutered....he will be a year old in August.
He has never "sprayed" anything, that I know of.....he is mostly inside, but sometimes goes outside...he is very neat and clean, always uses the litterbox, never destroys anything...a very good indoor cat! I was considering having him neutered because I heard that it prolongs their life....though for the life of me I can't imagine why mutilating him that way, would benefit him...but if it will, I will do it..I just keep picturing myself saying...." But Merlin....I had your balls cut off because I LOVE you" and him looking at me like...ya, okay...tell me another one.

But he has never sprayed anything in the house...ever...so should I still have him neutered?
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Debby, let me interject a thought here. I really appreciate where you're coming from, regarding castration as a method of sterilizing male cats. It's a pity the more humane method, vasectomy, isn't practiced here in the U.S.A. However, even though the accepted veterinary practice in the U.S.A. remains castration, I think you should go ahead with sterilization for Merlin.

Mind, if he was strictly and indoors-only cat (and there were no unsterilized female cats in the house) sterilization wouldn't be necessary. However, since he does go out of doors on occasion he'll most likely impregnate fertile female cats and the resulting babies will only add to an already incomprehensible problem.

I'm sure you appreciate these facts already, but I just wanted to add my opinion for what it's worth.


P.S.: As you can see, I'm not a big fan of the terms "neuter" and "spay." "Castration" and "ovario-hysterectomy" are the procedures involved, hence I use the British term "sterilization" to encompass the two sexes.

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So you think I should go ahead and have him neutered? I can see your point, about him breeding when he shouldn't, but...this is my baby....and he is so proud of his furry little nuts ( hope that's okay to say) but he really is....my hubby and I make comments about what a little stud he is! I just hate to have him ...you know....changed....and I'm afraid he would not be the same cat anymore.
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My Alexander was very proud of his giant nuts before his surgery. After the surgery, he kept looking for them. Within a short time though, his scrotum filled up (with fluid?) and now it looks like he is still intact. Not quite as large as before, but enough to bolster his dignity. I'd go ahead and get Merlin neutered. If he's a typical male (of any species) he'll soon have himself convinced that he's the most well-endowed guy on the planet, no matter what reality is.
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Debbie, as much as you hate the idea, it is the best for him and you. The male stud cat I have right now did not know anything until he hit a year. The minute he hit a year and was presented with a female in heat, he knew what to do. Given your situation, I am sure hubby would not be too happy at the idea of more kittens in the house. It only takes one time and about 2 seconds for the female to get pregnant. Another good point is that it is very possible that as he ages his urine will get much stronger. He may not spray, but the smell from the litter box shows he is a male. I had a stud who didn't spray anything, but holey heck did the litter box stink. Being that you have a multicat enviroment, his chances of starting to spray are increased. Honestly..none of my males seem to miss their man hood. My one alter will still try to mount a female in heat and he was done at 6 months.
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Thanks guys for your advice...I will have him neutered. I do want to say though, that after reading my last two posts above that I made Saturday night, I didn't know if I should laugh my butt off, or blush like crazy!
I had been at a wedding earlier that night and they had a keg at the reception and so I had quite a few beers by the time I came home and got on the computer....I can't beleive I was so candid about him being proud of his...furry little ****. But I guess it was among friends, I usually don't talk like that on here....but I felt better to see that Alexnell also did!
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