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eye discharge on himilayan?

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My new himalayan (12 weeks) has a bit of eye discharge. the white of his eyes are a little red and he sneezes once in a while. i think it could be that he is allergic to the litter? it seems to be a bit dusty. i dont smoke and nothing odd is in the air in the house. i was told by the breeder that he is guaranteed to be very healthy and that the discharge is either allergies or stress of rehoming. He also told me not to vaccinate him until he's about 4 months old because they seem to be sensitive and he might stop eating. He told me not to worry and the eyes will clear up on it's own because he has a long nose and not flat faced. i clean his eyes daily, he said he didnt have to do any cleaning befor i took him. should i be worried about this? he seems very healthy and even though he stopped eating for a while when i brought him home and he had to be hospitalized to rehydrate due to stress and not eating, he's doing fine now. eats like a piggy. he plays alot and he's very affectionate. i know virus could be a possibility. what could happen to him if that's the case? what should i do?
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Hi there

First of all was your kitten from a registered Persian breeder with a Canadian fancy?

Secondly I think the breeder is hiding something if they said the kitten cannot be vaccinated until 4 months old. The kitten should have at least recieved its first vaccination before it left to go to you. Here in our cat fancy we can get our prefix removed if we sell a kitten without its first vaccination.

There is a little bit of information here regarding vaccinations: http://www.cfa.org/articles/kittening.html

How long have you had him for now? It is true that a lot of Persians do develop colds after they have been brought home. Did you take him to your vet straight after you noticed the sneezing?

If you didn't I would take him now. All Persians with flat faces run (not usually the longer nosed jobs though), it's unavoidable but it shouldn't be dirty or messy. I can reccomend a product to help if you like.

Hope this helps a little bit. PM (Private message) me if you need any more help.
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Ive had him for 3 weeks. he was 8 weeks going into 9 when i got him. the kitten didnt come with papers or anything. I just know this lady that has been breeding kittens for 12 years at home. I'm not sure if she's registered. with all the massive amounts of research i did befor i got this kitten i never asked if they were registered. i trusted the breeder and her husband when they explained that the kittens are sensitive and shouldnt be vaccinated until almost four months old. specialy since when i brought him home he stopped eating for about 3 days and i took him to the emergency animal hospital. i told the vet he wasnt vaccinated and he told me to put that off for a few weeks until he recovers. he's doing good now, i should perhaps take him to get vaccinated now? how much are they roughly? i'm just getting over the last massive animal hospital bill because he was there for two days. also sorry i couldnt figure out how to PM (i know i'm having one of those days) but could you tell me about the medicine for his eyes? btw he only sneezes like 3 or 4 times a day. i mean i sneez more than that probably and i dont even have allergies. But i'm not sure what's normal for kittens. I will take him to get vaccinated soon though. i also have trouble cleaning his ears. what's the best medicine for that? i feel like he's been scratching them every once in a while but they dont seem dirty at all and i dont see any specs or anything else unusual around the ear or the base of the head. sry to snow ball all these questions. i'm just a bit worried.
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