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I took Miss Nova to the vet today because she seemed to have a discharge from her lady bits.

The vet looked at her and said she has a skin infection that formed because she has an extra "roll" in her lady area (not visible unless you go looking for it) and can't clean herself properly. (Perivulvar dermatitis?)

She growled and hissed and kicked when they shaved her and cleaned her up. I have to apply an ointment twice a day for two weeks, and she'll need regular shaving and wiping to help her stay clean. If the problem persists, she may need surgical removal of the fold of skin. (Episioplasty?) Poor Nova!

Nova is a tad overweight. Just a tad. She's 12.5 lbs. She'll need to go on a diet, though I'm sure she'll swear I'm starving her.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share because I thought it was interesting and maybe someone else has had or will have a similar experience.