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I got a new kitten! PICS!

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We have been thinking Kitty has been acting bored and lonely (he is 1.25 years old) so tonight we got a new kitten! A little 10 week old male -- a beautiful light light cream color -- these pics even make him look more striped -- he is really light. So far the name 'Simba' seems to be sticking!

What a purr-baby lap cat this little one is -- he purrs constantly even as he walks and runs around the house playing!!!

Kitty is adjusting much much better than I had expected -- I was so worried! No hissing or growling -- and after about an hour they were running and playing together!

He has very very light blue/green eyes and my daughter is so excited because he has pink paw pads!
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What a beautiful little baby he is Amy! Congrats, and I'm so happy Kitty is adjusting so well. I love the baby's color, he looks like a cream puff! LOL
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Thanks! Well, Kitty is still a bit 'tenative' about the whole thing -- I think he is a bit scared at times of the little guy! But I think tonight went so well they will soon be fast friends!
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He is SOOOO adorable!


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Simba is gorgeous! I love his color. And his ears are too cute! I love how they have to grow into them! Congratulations on your newest addition!
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What a cutie! Just love the color!
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What a sweet bubba! Congrats and I'm glad Kitty is adjusting! Keep us updated with pictures and stories .. Sam,
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That is awesome that kitty and your new kitty are hitting it off right away! I am so happy for you all! Congrats!
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I absolutely love his coloring!
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he is such a cute kitty! isn't great watching kitties play!!!
glad the new addtion is going well!
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Well, I don't know where Kitty slept last night (Simba was restricted to a bathroom behind closed door) but this morning Kitty is playing a bit 'rough' with Simba. Never having had 2 cats, I'm not sure what is 'too rough'!

Kitty pooped out and is now sleeping downstairs in his favorite spot and Simba is up here playing with the Panic Mouse.
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Holy cat!

He looks like a clone of our Striker, who will turn 3 in August! I can't ever remember Striker being that little, though I'm certain he was. He was 12 weeks when we adopted him.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
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Simba is such a cutie!! I love his creamy orange color.
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He is gorgeous! He is long - he will probably end up being a big boy! He is absolutely adorable.

As long as there is no major growling, let them play rough - they do enjoy tumbling each other (trust me - with 5 cats I know that).
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Thanks for the advice. No growling, but big Kitty seems to sniff and bite at his neck. Little Simba cried out once, and big Kitty hasn't done it since then (although he has been sleeping for a couple of hours)!

I forgot how much attention they need -- I can't get anything done!!

Also, we think his paws look pretty big too, although it seems like all kittens are to some extent.

He is going to the vet in 1/2 hour!
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OMG! He is so adorable . Congratulations on the new family member .
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I love red (cream) tabby males - they are just soooooooooooooooo lovable and look at those hugh paws ! Simba is absolutely precious!!!
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Neat! Do you have a pic of Striker now, as an adult, so that I can look into the future?


ps. Bill, I am in Southwest PA also - in Pittsburgh. Just asking -- in case our guys may be related...??! Are you in this area?
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Simba is just back from the vet -- all is well. Except -- it appears his testicals have not 'dropped' yet. When the girls first looked at him they thought he was a girl! But the Dr. looked closer and said he is a boy, and either his testicals have not dropped down yet (pretty unusual) or he has been neutered already (but he could not see any scar).

He said we just need to keep watching and they may drop down in the coming weeks/months. If not, his neutering surgery will go in through the stomach like a female to retrieve the testicals.

I called the Pet Store to confirm he was not neutered and they assured me he has not.

Anyone ever heard of this?

Overall, though, he's just fine! Wouldn't stop purring and the Dr. had to run water to get him to stop purring so he could listen to his heart!
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as long as no hissing and growling with furr flying, they are just playing!

my kitties Leo and Roxy play alot and I have seen both bite eachothers neck, playfully (no sounds or scream or hissing or growling)

my Leo, the male also has big paws, he is 8 months now, so I don't think he will grow into them, they are much bigger than Roxy's or Piper's!!

He also has this super long tail, it is very funny, it's really long...
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hey, you must of posted just as I was...

for the dropping, It sounds very unusual,I know people think kittens are girls and then they suddenly grow stuff, so maybe it's possible, but I never heard of it not dropping, and by 10 weeks it should be obvious it's a boy...to be sure, I wouldn't fix him before they drop, or have an ultrasound before the operation to make sure.
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Awww....What a cutie.
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Amy he is gorgeous! He resembles my Franklin. I love his name too. You are such a softie!
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Oh My, Simba is beautiful. I love the pink pawpads as well. Sooo precious.
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What a gorgeous champagne baby! I'm sure he'll grow into an even more handsome cat.
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As for the dropped testicles, Toes' didn't drop at a normal time either and the vet eventually just told me it was time to get him fixed after one had dropped and they had to go find the other one (which was halfway up his belly!). But it never affected him negatively and I've never had any problems with him spraying or anything. He does get a little amorous with Tailer sometimes, though, and he does it all wrong! (Which is hilarious to watch.)
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he is such a precious muffin! my 2 cats wrestle and chase each other like maniacs. sometimes faile appears to be biting molly, but she is actually grooming her. having more than 1 cat is so much fun.
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What a beautful cat!!
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Here are some new pics of Simba from today:

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Sleepy little guy, ain't he?

Catsplay, did you get the PM?
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