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What a Scare!

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I know i haven't posted in a while, sorry! But Ricky bobby gave me quite a scare a little while ago. My heart is still racing! He was eating his kibble, and I was on the computer, about 5.5 ft in front of his feeding area. I heard a gasping noise come from him and immediately turned around, he was choking! I jumped down to him and I was so scared! I didn't know what to do. The kibble pieces aren't big at all, I had no idea how he could be choking, but he was! He had his tongue hanging out and was pawing at his mouth. I wasn't sure if I should try to get it out, of if that would make it worse. He finally was able to cough it out. It wasn't a long ordeal, it lasted less than a minute, but it seemed forever! I immediately snatched up his dry food and got him some canned food in place. OMG, I was so freaked out! I mean what would I have done if he didn't cough it up?!?! And he was really choking too, he was gasping for air and everything. Now I'm thinking about going strictly to dry food. His meow is raspy now. Has anyone else had this happen? Was he just eating too fast or is something wrong? THANK GOD he's ok!
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OMG! Thank God he is ok!
That poses a question, though: What do we do in case of chocking? How do we administer CPR in a cat?
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