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Desperate Housewives (spoilers)

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Did anyone watch Sunday's episode???

OMG I can't believe they killed Edie off!!!! She was one of my favourites, her character was fun and balanced the "niceness" of the rest of the girls.

To make it worse, I hear they killed her off to save money (costs them $100,000 less per episode not having to pay Nicolette Sheridan), and because she was too high maintenance. I think that's a crappy reason to kill someone off a show.

It was a great show, really sweet. It was nice the storyline with her son. Now what the heck is going to happen with Dave???
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OMG I shouldn't have opened this - we are like a season behind!

But I am glad to see Edie go!
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You were warned!! I know Australia is behind, but it's the same season as here, maybe about 6 or 7 episodes behind.
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OMG, I was so shocked!!! I just figured she would go into a coma and then noone would know about psycho Dave for a whole nother season
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I'm glad to see her go - she was not a character I liked.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I'm glad to see her go - she was not a character I liked.
I did like Edie. I always seem to favor the bad girls and boys on TV.
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It was no surprise to me since it has been all over TV that she was leaving the show. The latest TV Guide had a whole article on that subject and Nicolette did not have a choice, she was fired. They did do a nice job on the her last episode, it was sad and I'll miss her.
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I had heard that she was leaving but for some reason I didn't expect her to die just like that Nobody else knows about Dave
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