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I am a bad meowmy!

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(This is long, I am sorry!) I feel like such a bad meowmy.

Last night my roommate came home around ten-thirty from class and immediately after our downstairs neighbor came up to get something. She brought up her dog, which has been thoroughly put in its place by Hennessy, but finds Disa a lovely new toy. (Disa is NOT a fan).

After she left my roomie and I sat down to study her German since I've some background in the language and she had a test this morning. Around one am we decided to wrap it up and put the 'kids' to bed.

Typically, all the pets come running to go to bed (which means dinner time, for the kitties).

But no kitties!

I put down their food, figuring that would lure them out, but still, no kitties!

I searched the livingroom and bedrooms and bathroom... no kitties.

Then I looked toward the door and about had kittens myself, realizing they could have been locked between our door and the outside door (which goes to our apartment and the other apartment). I opened our door and saw something even worse. The outside door was open! I went out onto the steps and looked about before saying "Here, kitty kitty..."

Jingle jingle! Disa's face peeked out from under my neighbor's truck. When I said his name he came tearing across the grass and into my arms. I put him inside and shut the door so he couldn't get back out (not that he was interested in the idea at the least) and went back out. If Disa was out there, Hennessy had to have started this 'game.' (He is the designated leader of the pet 'mafia' in our house).

My roommie and I spent a bit looking about the garden for Hennessy, while I got more and more panicked. We live on a VERY busy street and even at that time of night it had decently heavy traffic. Then I heard another jingle! Hennessy came waltzing about the house, looking very proud of himself, the little turd. But he came when I said his name and he went right back inside too, where Disa had finished BOTH their shares of the wet food...

All told, they're both fine and don't seem too traumatized despite ~2 hours out in the cold... (I'm far worse off!) I woke up to Hennessy cuddling with me... Still, I feel so bad! Something horrible could easily have happened! Especially if either of them had crossed that darned street!
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Goodness, that is scary! Good thing they didn't like it! LOL.

My hubby left the dog in the car Sunday. They went for a drive and he forgot to let the dog out. He was in the car for like 4 hours...!!!
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Glad you found them quickly! I think we must all go through a scare like that at least once with cats.

After the furniture company dropped off a sofa for me once, my parents and I were about to leave the house, and I did a head count. Found Billy, but Chay was nowhere to be seen. Called for him a few times, nothing. So I started to worry that despite usually running the other way when strangers came in, and me keeping an eye on the door, maybe he had gotten out somehow.

Looked all over the house, in his normal spots (which aren't many, thanks to some planning and trying not to leave spaces that kitties can hide underneath). Right as I was starting to get really worried, I took a good look behind the washer, in the pantry area, and there was the little booger, just looking at me like "Hi. What's up?"

Don't feel too bad - at least you found them quickly!
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Just reading that gave me a sick feeling. Oh my gosh! I would have been so sick. I am glad they are okay. Both of them probably think nothing of it! They had a grand adventure. All those new smells!! woo-hoo!!
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