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New Show Season - May Shows

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I figured I'd start the monthly shows coming up again. Those of you showing cats (or thinking about attending a show) can post here. Please give the association (CFA, ACFA, TICA, or foreign), the dates of the show, and the city/state or country as appropriate.

Then if anyone wants to attend if they are not showing, can contact you by pm for more info.

I'll start (since May is the most shows I've done in one month). Jack will be showing in all 3 shows:

May 9/10 - Fargo, North Dakato (ACFA)

May 16/17 - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota (ACFA)

May 30/31 - Wausau, Wisconsin (ACFA)

I know its tempting to get "off topic" but try to just stick with show info, please
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I will be showing Cleo In May.
May 9th Fresno,California(CFA)

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I'll be showing Champion Captivating Sweet Escape (Fluffy) and Captivating Telling Tales (Tales) at the following NZCF shows in May:

10th May - Palmerston North Cat Club (4 rings)

16th May - Taranaki Cat Club (4 rings)

30th & 31st May - Canterbury All Breeds (6 rings)

I might be getting a TCS visitor at the last show!
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17th May - FASA bushfire fundraiser show (3 rings)

24th May - GCCF SA cat breeders assoc. show (2 rings)
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Well, well, well...

3 shows in May -
17th - Jakarta, 4 rings, Miou Miou to grand (pray pray)
24th - Kuching (East Malaysia), 4 rings, Miou Miou to continue granding (if she doesn't in Jakarta) and GP Masmera Puteri Ayu (call name Adik) to begin her DW campaign
31st - Kulai (Peninsular Malaysia) - Miou Miou for whatever (oh god if she hasn't granded by now I will scream!) and Adik

June is empty, July looks NUTZ!
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Just one show in May for me:

TICA Pigeon Forge, TN May 29, 30.

Just taking my 2 girls out of Loki and Platinum.

Meridian Light Speed & Meridian Magic Marker
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I so was thinking of requesting time off for that show, Nial. But then I quickly remembered that Top Cat will only be 3 months. Even though I could exhibit him, I can't show him for another month (he'll be four months on June 27). Therefore, it won't be the money or time for me. I'll be taking him to the regionals in Raleigh. I just hope his wonderful personality holds.
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May 3rd - Rochester show

May 9th - Raleigh show

May 16th - Possibly KY, maybe Freeport NY, not sure

May 23rd - Possibly Ontario

It would be ideal to be able to make it to shows all four weekends in May, as there are only two weekends in June where I can get my guys out without having to fly! And I'm not flying to show kittens
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