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Prayers for my mom please.

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She just got taken away in an ambulance because she has a severe bloody nose and can't get it to to stop and she's diabetic. They just took her to the hospital, my dad went with her and he told me to stay home with the furkids. Thanks so much in advance.. I think if she can't get it to stop she's probably anemic.

I just don't want to ever lose her. We almost lost her around my birthday last year and I just hope & pray they can fix this. I'll probably go see her later but I'll just stay here for now the dogs are going nuts.
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Wow that sounds scary... I know how it feels to be so worried my mom has given us a few scares also..
I hope it's nothing serious, sending lots of vibes, my thoughts are with you!

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My mom had the same thing a couple of years ago. They did an emergency cauterization surgery by an ENT and she made a full recovery.

Thank goodness your mom's family called 911! My mom showed up at her doc's office with a blood soaked dish towel....delayed her treatment by a lot of minutes...sigh.

I'm hoping for a great outcome!!!!
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Prayers for her.

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Krista, Im sending many many prayers that way.
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Sending prayers for your mom and dad, and for you and the furbabies.
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lots of for your mom.

Please update us when you can.
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for your mom!
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Your mom is in my prayers. Please let us know how she is doing.
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Sending prayers and vibes that your mom is okay and calming vibes out to the rest of the family, including the pups
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If she's taking any medications, even OTC NSAIDs, that could be why it doesn't want to stop bleeding.

I regularly take NSAIDs and as a result I'm a bleeder.

I'm sure they'll get it to stop and do some blood test to see if there's anything else wrong. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

If she gets nose bleeds often, one of the contributing factors to this is low humidity. It might help her if they get some humidifiers for her home.
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Thank you so much everyone.
She's home now. The doctors said it could
have been high blood pressure. They had to cautorize (sp?) the membrane with nitrate silver
to stop the bleeding.

She said the doctor told her as people get older
(my mom is 54) the platelet in your membranes weaken causing it
to be more thinner plus the meds for diabetes she's on could
have made it worse.

She's okay now, thanks again everyone!
But she can't bend down or sneeze or anything so I am going
to be helping her out with stuff! I am SO glad the doctors could help her. It was scary.


she doesn't get nosebleeds often but that's a wonderful idea. Our dogs are much peaceful now she's home it's like if I leave or my dad leave they go nuts but super nuts when my mom does because she's here all the time.
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Wonderful news! And bless you for being such a great daughter
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I've had a few scares with my elderly diabetic mom - rushing her to the hospital in an ambulance. Good that she's ok!!!!
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Glad she is alright
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Aw Krista, that's great news about your mom I'll still send prayers that she stays healthy and to you for helping her!
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Glad to hear your Mom is ok now. My older sister had the same problem last year and she was ok after they packed her nose for a couple of days.
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Glad to hear she is OK!
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Good to hear that she's home.
Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
But she can't bend down or sneeze or anything so I am going
to be helping her out with stuff!
How are you going to keep her from sneezing? Make funny faces and distract her from it? (that does work)
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Great news! Im glad shes ok
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