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A Kitten, A Chicken Bone and One Huge Panic Attack!

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Learn from me! I guess I wasn't paranoid enough. Folks would laugh at how I have plastic tubing over my wires, allow no plants, paper clips or rubber bands in my place yet I still left chicken bones from a breast at the deli on a plate on counter, me turning me eyes for 30 secs and my ten month old kitten making a gagging swallow before I got there in time. Him not going to the bathroom for two days even with fiberous foods the ER told me feed him and sometimes looking like he had hiccups in tummy.
An X-ray two hours ago and vet visit shows it did break down but still could go either way if he doesn't go to bathroom soon he'll need to be cut open. I get him home and I guess he figured well you spent $150 on me I suppose I will go to bathroom now. Phew this could be over! Beware of bones!
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Gracious what a scare Goes to show you they can be absolute ninjas when it comes to being sneaky
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Good to hear your kitty is ok!
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That made me laugh because chicken bones are a 2 day a week occurence here, uncooked that is. It was hard to listen to them crunch them the first few times, now its music to my ears.

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I thought he was out of woods when he finally passed the bones after six days of constipation last Wednesday but he has been having Diarrhea every day since Boy without question he will never had access to bones again, I just hope it did no damage.
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aww... please keep us posted on how he is doing. They really are like children
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I know there is so many sad threads here sometimes and I so want to post a positive one but I am so worried I cant stop having panic attacks. First he does not go for like 5 days with bones he cant quite pass, so we do a cat laxative and rich vet diet to help him pass, at least the xray shows it was broken down. I stop the laxative as soon as he goes last week Wednesday and then he has Diarrhea saturday and Sunday but at least it seems all the bones are out and I dont see blood.
So Monday I get Metronidazole to help with the colon and pro pectalin gel. Now its like 72hrs he has not gone to bathroom, his rectum looks red, puffy, and he leaks when I hold him or clean area. My vet is not in today and I am sure they are sick of seeing me but since they have not visible seen him in eight days maybe its for the best. I dont get paid till May 1st but I am still paranoid about damage, stuff like megacolon or prolapses as I really cant afford surgeries.
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