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First pictures of Ginger's babies!

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I finally got my hands on Ginger's babies this morning!

Here they are--my colors were off by the way.

As a side question--other than judging by weight, how do I know they are all eating?

As you'll see their weights range from 2.8 oz to 4.2 oz.

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Oh my gosh, they are so ADORABLE!!!!
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Aww so precious! Great job Ginger!

I've never raised kittens so I don't know how to tell if they are all eating - I think you just watch for round tummies, but not sure. Someone will come along and tell you!

How is Ginger doing? I know you will keep us posted as the kittens grow!
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EEeeeEEEeeeEEeeee!!! Such cuties!!!!!!!! I also don't know how to tell you if they are eating except to check them daily and make sure they're gaining weight. I also think they would be crying all the time if hungry.
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What cute babies. The first one looks like my bottle baby Lucky The beautiful little flame on the forehead
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They're lovelly...congratulations!!

Check for excessive crying, partciularly when mum is with them. If you can see their faces burried into mum that's probably what they're doing as when they're not feeding they will usually snuggle up to mum without their faces being on her. Mine have been alternating between gaining a lot (20g-50g) on day to not a lot (0-5g), and all have doubled their weight in the first week.
Mum should also be licking their behind to stimulate pooing etc.

At that age you would know if there was something wrong. As long as mum is with them and they're not crying they should be fine.

Vicky and the crew
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They are too cute! Congrats!
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Thanks for the comments guys!!

I tried looking quickly at genders but was trying to be quick for Ginger and their warmth. I'll look again in the next few days, I'm hoping to compare them to the tortie who is most likely female and the cream who is probably male.

Ginger is doing great with them!! She's going to make a wonderful inside pet for someone! She just wants love and attention and seems pretty proud of what she has done in the last two days!

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I'm in love. So she ended up with five? They're all adorable, especially the little gray one with white feet. Does it have all four white feet?
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I believe both gray have all four white feet, but I'll hafta check that again! I think their coloring may end up like Ginger's.

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Oh my...they are beautiful!
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This is what I go by when there are kittens in my house

I thought it would be a nice guide for you as well. It is in grams, and your scale should be able to switch from oz's to grams. I know mine does that

Birth weight approx. 100 grams
day 3 - 5 approx. 130 - 150 grams / umbilical cord falls off
day 9 - 12 approx. 210 grams / eyes and ears will open
14 days approx. 230 grams / starts strolling about a little
16 days approx. 265 grams / starts cleaning itself and playing
21 days approx. 325 grams / starts to walk
25 days approx. 360 grams / first teeth coming through
28 days approx. 400 grams / rest of the milkteeth are coming through / 1st deworming / thorough examination for parasites / start litterbox training
5 weeks approx. 480 grams / becoming housetrained, can run pretty well
6 weeks approx. 540 grams / no longer need for bottle-feeding / has all milkteeth / can go without mother's milk and can eat independently / 2nd deworming
8 weeks approx. 600 - 700 grams / 1st vaccination (ask for vaccination passport !!) / 3rd deworming
10 weeks approx. 850 grams
12 weeks approx. 1000 - 1100 grams / 2nd vaccination
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Aww, they're adorable!!!
I just got some foster kittens, and they're all that cream colour like the one of yours
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Thanks again guys!

Anyone heard of fever coat? A few on another forum have mentioned that a couple may very well have it--at least the smallest little guy/gal

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Uhhh, I've got no idea...
Any name idea's for the Spice rack?

Salt(not really a spice)

Well, that's all I could find by rooting through the spice drawer
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Well much to my disappointment weighing in didn't go well this morning.

Little one 2.8 hadn't gained
3.0 went to 3.2
3.4 to 3.5
4.0 to 4.5
and 4.2 stayed the same

So I ran out and got formula and I'm fed the bottom three just now. I'm going to try and feed them during the day 3 times if I can just to supplement at least for the next few days until I see some good weight gain. The three I bottle fed all seem to be girls (tortie, light/dark gray and dark gray) Dark gray looks just like mom--even saw the matching spots of red today. Tortie didn't get the bottle down but we'll try later--not as worried since she did gain a little.

Ginger is doing a great job, she cried the whole time I had each of her babies reaching through the cage for them--although each time they stopped crying she settled and went back to the others.

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Aww, I'm so glad to hear that everything is going good with Ginger
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sometimes it takes a day or two for them to start gaining. my little man didn't gain or barely gained for 2 days then gained FAST after that and he is now not so little. LOL
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As long as they are nursing from mom and don't seem to be hungry all the time in between, you probably don't need to supplement. I just checked the records I kept of my kittens last summer. Their weight gain varied quite a bit in the first week. One of them gained only 2 grams one day, but 25 grams the next. Another gained 30 grams one day and 5 the next. After the first five days I went to weighing them every two or three days and the weight gain seemed to even out.
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Thanks I feel much better knowing that their weight gain or lack there of isn't such a huge deal--I guess anything is better than weight loss.

I tried feeding those three again just now--only the Ginger look alike would take any. I'm trying to not stress and just wait and see how the weights are tomorrow. But I like having the formula on hand now, plus I can give some to Ginger--she's a pretty thin thing with all those babies out.

I'm thinking that maybe the cream and light gray were a different dad--their weights are so significantly different than the other three. It would also make sense that they are dilutes and the other three seem not to be.

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