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this is a test of the idiot broadcast system...

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Mainly to see if I got this thing right. If this is correct that guy there is my Sammycat.

* Keeping fingers crossed and praying*
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Didn't work Hon! Are you using a site that lets you link the pictures from it? I recommend using Imagestation. It's really easy and it's free!
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From the look of what you've posted, it looks right. But I'm not sure if the site you are linking from allows you to link the pictures. I think that once you get your picture on to a different site, it should work if you follow what you did the first time.

Confused yet?
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trying one more time before giving up tonight. *holding breath now* *turning a little blue*

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WhooHooo! It worked! YAY!
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great pic btw!
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Okay folks that guy is sammycat...
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Woohoo, it worked! Nice job! You have a very cute kitty. And welcome to the board!
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This little guy is Oscar. When my Hubby brought him home about 6 months ago he was so weak and skinny. I really didn't think he would love through the night. Just look at him now.

He loves to watch the fishes in the tank.

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I didn't think he would live through the night. My bad
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What a cutie! Glad to see that he grew up to be a healthy beautiful kitty!
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Here is my boys doing what they like to do best when they aren't trying to kick each others backside.

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Gorgeous Kitties!
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Such cutie pies! Is Sammy a Manx?

Your tiger will probably get to be quite big--we rescued an orange tiger which we called the grasshopper because he was so boney and he's now the big, old huge guy who sleeps all the time.
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I'm so glad you got the picture thing figured out. It is a nemesis of many!

What gorgeous kitties you have!
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Sammycat looks just like a short hair version of Tybalt and Oscar looks just like Maddie. I'm glad you got the computer thing figured out. You all will probably read some posts from me in the future trying to figure computer stuff out so brace yourselves. Your babies are beautiful

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Very cute kids you have there! Glad you finally got things to work!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!! What Pretty Babies!!!
Be Proud!!
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