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I have a major issue...

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I'm slowly watching myself become a crazy cat lady. I never used to even like cats much, but since getting Bodhi in October and Siddha in January, I have become a huge kitty fan! I LOVE both of my boys so much. And now, my heart is calling to me to get a baby kitten. Bodhi was already 8 years old when I got him, Siddha was 8 months old (and now almost 1 year old). I want the experience of raising a tiny little kitten. And, sometimes I think that while Bodhi LOVES playing with Siddha, he gets tired a lot more quickly than Siddha does and I think it might be good for Siddha to have a younger and more energetic friend. Have I lost my mind? I am currently renting in a very relaxed duplex community. I can have 3 cats if I want but I'm afraid of what would happen when I move to Nashville (which I'm hoping to do in the next 6 months). I am worried that most rental places will have a 2 pet limit (if even that many). What to do...
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I would wait. It's hard I know but you want to make sure the move is easy for everyone. As someone with 3 cats it's difficult moving all 3 and making sure everyone is okay and adjusting well. Little kittens are like kids and need structure and routine. I would be afraid it would start going outside the box or have other issues if I moved him/her so soon after getting them. Its alot of change for your resident cats too.

I had a hard time getting an apartment with 3. Not impossible, but I had to make some adjustments in the place I would consider because the most important thing was to take them with me. I ended up a few towns over from where I work so my commute is longer and the place is not as up-to-date as some apartments. But the landlady was willing to take a chance on me with 3 cats. I was emphatic about how clean I keep everything and the fact that they are all fixed and up to date on shots etc.

I had one guy tell me no way, he just wouldn't feel comfortable...without even meeting me...that was a bummer. The apartment was really nice looking in the photos too.

Get settled and let the kids get settled and I think than it would be a great idea to get a third. Especially a kitten! I rescued a kitten last friday and my heart was breaking!! I don't have enough room for another. I think Bodhi would love a little bro or sis! Raising a kitten is so much fun too.
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