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Willows new scratch post

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We have just bought our little princess a ceiling high scratch post and she loves it. She loves climbing up the door frames so we thought we would buy her this and she now uses this rather than the door frames!!! Her other scratch posts just must not have been tall enough

Here it is, it's huge!!!

It's nice and high up here...

What's in here?

Here are some extra new pics of Willow.....

Look i'm trying to clean myself, what do you want???

I like this mummy...

Looks like she wants a belly rub but don't touch

This is Willows usual daytime sleeping position, squeezing herself into her box that we think is too small (she thinks differently)... she always looks awkward at first like this....

but always ends up looking so snug ......

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GREAT cat tree!!! And of course, Willow is !!!
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Wow Willow has a wonderful new playground I wish we could have the room and the money for something like that! And the pics of Willow in her box
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Love the tree! and Willow is gorgeous!!

Fiona likes to be up high too. I need to get me one of those!
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Aw, Willow is so pretty and precious!
Nice cat tree! WoW!
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"I am QUEEN of my domain!" Miss Willow looks perfect on her new tree.
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Great photos! Nova is green about Willow's new tree. Your Willow has so much personality!
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