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OMG! You guys have to read this!

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This is a posting on our local Craigslist!
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That is horrible. I'd be kicking the inlaws out and making them outlaws or finding a new place. Why should the cats suffer?
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Poor kitties! I'd be kicking out the inlaws and hissing at them.
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That is awful! Whether those inlaws like cats or hate them, their behavior is just despicable.
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I would never get rid of my babies! When my cats are being bad, my bfs mom jokes around and says shes going to throw them in the pool, but she really loves them and is only kidding. That is horrible what the in-laws are doing to those cats! If they live in YOUR house you should make THEM leave.. I dont care how much someone "hates" animals or whatever.. they still dont have the right to hurt them or anything like that. I could never ever hurt an animal no matter how much i hated them.
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Someone needs to find their backbone and stand up for themselves and the cats
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I do feel badly for the kitties and for the girl who has to rehome her babies because of idiotic family members.

However, on the other side of the coin, she is doing the responsible thing. I'm sure that it's not easy for her to post that ad, let alone give up her kitties. But she loves them so much that she is willing to let them go to a safer environment for them where they will be loved and cared for by everyone.

But I agree. If her in-laws are living with her, then she should be giving them the boot. However, it could be that she is living with the in-laws, and that isn't an option.
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I'd throw my inlaws out first. Pfft.
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Poor girl. At least she is trying to find them a nice home so that they wont be tormented any more.

Although I wonder if the inlaws are staying at her and her husbands home or the other way around?
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This is really a tough one- the cats or her boyfriend, sort of. She might loose her boyfried if she tells her inlaws to stay away permanently.

Inlaws can be terrible- yesterday we had someone in a German forum who has an old uncle who took their 18 year old cat (!) in the car for a ride and abandoned it somewhere, possibly as far as 80 km away. Now the uncle won't say where this was and says that the cat was too old and that they should be gratefull he didn't just drown it like in the old days.

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My in-laws never have liked indoor cats, but they come over so rarely, (they live in another city) that they do not say anything about our girls. In fact, they call them their grandcats!
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I love my mother in law, but she has the nerve to say she is an animal lover, but can't stand having them in the house.......needless to say, she doesn't visit us very often!
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Just a different perspective, but I think the man should step up to his own parents, too. I can't imagine that they would have cats in the first place if he was completely opposed to it.

Just a different take from a guy's perspective....err a guy that loves the kitties.
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I'm so outspoken. And those in-laws would be so out the door, their ears still ringing.
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