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Lucky meets Charm (well, kinda')

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We have the screen door on Charm's room now, so today was the first day Kitty and Lucky have gotten to see Charm and vice-versa. Charm is so funny, she turns sideways and gets really fluffy. I know Kitty used to do that ages ago and Midnight (my very first cat) would do that from time to time). It's hilarious to see such a tiny kitten do that, though. Kitty just went right up to the door and sniffed Charm and then walked away. Lucky will park herself right outside that door and hiss and growl a bit and then just watch. After a short while, Lucky went up to the screen and they touched noses. I hope after a week or so we'll be able to introduce them to each other for short periods of time without much mishap. We're just trying (very hard) to reassure both Kitty and Lucky that they are so loved - and actually, they're all being very good girls.

BTW, I don't know what it is, but our dog seems to win the hearts of our cats (at least Lucky and Charm) from the get-go. It's amazing! You'd think they'd be terrified of our big black, happy tail wagging, exhuberant lab, but nope, they sniff noses and aren't in the least bit afraid.
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I would love to see photos of that!
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Actually, this morning, I had the camera ready and Lucky left the door (typical, hey?). I will try again. I actually had to shut the regular door this morning as Charm and Lucky were really getting abnoxious and I couldn't get back to sleep. Also, Kitty came up to the door to see what all the racket was, I suppose, and she just sniffed Charm through the screen door and gave Lucky a "look" and sauntered off. She reminded me of the Matriarch of a family keeping things in line. It was really hilarious. I'll get a picture of this interaction yet and post it when I can.
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It sounds like all is going well Sandi- lets see, two rescues and counting????
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Thanks Mary Ann, but you'll have to check out my newest thread in the Feral Colonies. I think I really blew it...

Yes, things are hopefully going pretty well with the meeting, but Lucky is starting to paw at the door in a semi-aggressive manner from time to time. The kitten will just lay on her back and put her little front leg under the door to reach out to Lucky. Kevin thought maybe that showed she wasn't terrified of Lucky. I'm so proud of Lucky as well. I think she's handling this pretty well. Time will tell. I don't think Lucky particularly likes sharing me with the new addition.
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Sandi, can't wait to see pics! And for a time there, you thought Lucky didn't like you.
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Last night we put Lucky in the bedroom for a bit and let Charm investigate the family room, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. She came across Kitty, but Kitty just made these squeaking-type meows at her and she steered clear. Kitty is 17 and a bit touchy (understandably so), but she's never hissed or growled at Charm to this day.

Charm didn't want to go back into "her" room later - she had so much fun exploring.

Later, Lucky went to the screen door like normal - but the kitten was doing her sideways, tail fluffing posturing. I swear this little one is afraid of nothing. That's what has me worried. Lucky would swat the kitten (conecting with the screen, of course), but there wasn't any growling or hissing. Lucky's ears were down a little - not all the way, but almost as if to protect them (?).

Do you think once they come face to face Lucky will attack or try to harm Charm? I really have a concern about that, but they seem to be doing better through the door - Charm is just so forward. I suppose Lucky will put her in her place, but...I'm just so nervous about Charm getting hurt - she's so small.

Also - how long before we let Lucky and Charm meet face to face (without the safety of a screen in between them)?
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The pics with the screen door didn't turn out very good - but here are some of their first actual meeting.
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One of our dog and Charm...
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Lucky watching Charm
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