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...........Daily Thread Tues April 21st

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The periods in the title are courtesy of TroutShe was sitting on the left side of the keyboard

So, its rainy today..but the rain should end by this afternoon sometime.

I am off to work in a bit. Dropping Josh off at school as his last exam is today He will be graduating next month!

I am making homemade chicken tenders tonight I am excited for those!

Anyhoo, off I go...have a good one folks!
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Wow Josh only has one more month to go? That's great.

Morning. Hubby's at work, baby is resting & mom is still asleep. The house is so quiet right now. After a rainy day yesterday we will have sun and highs near the 70's today. What a difference a day makes.
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I can't really tell what kind of day we're going to have this morning because the weather people seem to be absolutely clueless. They were over 10 degrees off on the morning low. So, it could either be 70 and sunny or 55 and rainy today. I'm in at work early this morning. I'm going to try and finish up this paper for next month's conference today and get it submitted for approval. We generally wait until the last minute, so it will be nice to actually get something done ahead of time. I went to the gym last night, so I don't really need to go, but I may stop in and put in a few minutes on the elliptical machine. I caught myself huffing and puffing after climbing 2 flights of stairs the other day and decided I need to pay a little more attention to cardio in the gym.
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Morning All!!!

Rainy here as well this morning.

Heading off to work in a bit, have a 9:30- 3:30 shift today so that is not to bad. I manage to get my knee settled down over the last couple days off so hopefully it won't bother me to much.

Still am trying to sort out this silly prescription drug program issue, no one seems to be able to give me a straight answer to any of my questions...

After work it will just be home for a quiet night. Didn't sleep all that well the last couple of days so am a bit on the weary side.

The kitties are good this morning, just finishing up their breakfast.

Everyone have a great day.
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Well its snowing outside-the temp is 34F so its the wet heavy stuff. Supposed to get about an inch then turn to rain.

There goes me doing yard clean-up at a customer's house today after work!

Which is ok as I'm tired still with the boughts of coughing/runny nose hanging on. Still a bit more ambition as I vaccumed the family room this morning.

So have to stop at bookstore and Petsmart before work. Have to get the right cat food as I bought the wrong stuff and the cats (except Bender) do not like it. Then need supplements for Bakker too.

Having leftovers from grilling out on Saturday plus other stuff to be determined!

Bender is doing ok after the neuter I hope to see some calming down from hormone declines hopefully soon. I think I will try keeping him in the house all day with the bedrooms closed still. He should be ok as long as there is food.

Have a good one!!
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