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My Grandma's Cats

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These are some older pictures of when I was playing with my grandma's cats (my grandparents live next door).

She took in a stray that was running around her yard only to find out a few weeks later it was a pregnant stray. She ended up having four babies. 3 girls and a boy. My grandma kept two of the kittens and the mom and I took 2 of the girls. The cats turn 5 next month (I can't believe it's been 5 years already). I still have one of the kittens, Blue. The other, Hermie, died last summer from FIP

Anyways, here are the mother and the other two kitties that live with my grandma. They are all indoor cats but they have a rather large pen built on the side of the house for them to play in.

Silly, AKA Mama Cat

Harry, AKA the spoiled boy

Sweetpea AKA the tiny one (She always seems to hide when I take pictures, so I hardly get any of her)

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awww they are lovely
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Wow! a grey momma and pointed children.. she must have mated with a colorpoint cat!!! Beautiful!
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They are gorgeous! I love their shiny coats and how their eyes are gleaming.
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WOW! Grandma has some healthy beautiful cats!
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Thank you everyone

My cat, Blue, looks like her sister sweetpea but my cat has longer fur and is a little larger. Her sister, Hermie, that passed away was Grey and had long fur.
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Beautiful cats, all of them!
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Gorgeous cats and gorgeous photos-- WOW!
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