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Litterbox stuff

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A little backstory.

Tinker is dainty, but she's not accurate . Wilbur is strong and bullish, he just doesn't care.

No matter how much litter I put in the pan, wilbur will dig at all of it until it's one big pile in the middle of the box. If I knock it down, he goes in immediately after i leave and piles it up again.

I tried to curb the problem with wilbur kickign tons of litter out of the box by getting one of those framed boxes. So he just started kicking it higher... little monkey!

Now tinker has gotten use to peeing on the side walls of the box. But she doesn't have the best aim and ends up peeing some in, some out.

to get some sort of handle on this, I gathered 5 old towels. I put the litter box over the towel folded up so t can gather the tinker pee. But with wilbur kicking out a lot, the towels get covered in litter.

my question is this. I need to wash the towels. i keep them outside in a littler bucket (the 30 pound fresh step plastic bucket) and it's full.

I know it's a very bad idea to dump a litter box into the toilet. The litter doesn't disolve. Is this going to ruin my washing machine? will it leave litter all over everything I wash from then on?

I don't want to have to buy towels, but i have to find a way to clean the ones I have.


Sorry for the novel
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Can you hang the towels outside until they dry, then shake the litter off before you put them in the washer?
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What are you using for a litterbox?

I have a variety of kitties with different LB habits. I use 18 gal rubbermaid tubs for the diggers, the high pee-ers, and the markers.
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Can't hang dry them. i'm in a duplex with no trees or lines.

As for what i use. i have one that looks just like this, but it's not a sifter. I learned my lesson trying to use siftling boxes.

It's a regular sized big litter box with a frame that snaps on and doubles the height
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I put newspaper under the little tray because sooty kicks the litter all over the place, and incase theres any accidents while we are out that way it goes straight into the outside bin as soon as we get in on a night and there is fresh newspaper put down
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The only thing that helped with my wall pee-er was higher boxes...specifically rubbermaid tubs with a door cut out. I prefer the kind of tub that has a completely flat bottom (as opposed to the ones that have channel inside that just makes scooping harder).

Stan makes a mess on the walls and Bella digs to China and back...

If you don't like the rubbermaid idea would they use a booda dome?
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I like the newspaper idea.

For cleaning the towels you've already used, could you throw them in the dryer first and then shake out the dried litter? You'd have to clean the dryer really well before you use it for clean clothes again, but it might work.

If you decide to try a covered box, make sure you get it at a place that will take returns. Otherwise it can turn into an expensive experiment. My cats really don't like covered boxes, although I haven't tried the booda dome specifically. The first one I got had the opening in the end with a flap hanging down from the top edge. Miss Patchwillow wouldn't even go in it, and Shareena just sat on the litter and played with the flap but didn't do her business in there. So I took that one back and got the kind with a hole in the lid. They did use those, but I noticed that they were hopping out without covering their deposits a lot of the time. When I brought Goldy in last summer I thought I should have a third litter box so I pulled out the original open box that I had gotten when Shareena was a tiny kitten. The first time I went to scoop the litter I discovered that all three cats had been using the (very small) open box exclusively and ignoring the covered boxes. So now I'm back to all open boxes, using the high-sided storage bins.
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If you can't hang the towels to dry, can you just put them out on the ground in the sun? Then flip them after a while, so both sides dry?
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I bet a higher sided litter box would solve the problem with the tinkling over the box. A rubbermaid tote would be a good place to start I think.
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Holy crud I guess I didn't have email reminders on for this. Sorry for not responding.

I ended up getting a covered litter box at walmart. it was only 14 bucks but it seems to be working well. it's big, so they can move around in it, and it has a swinging door, so it keeps the poop smell out. I clean boxes reliqously but having the cover and the door makes it so when they take a really stinky poop it doesn't stink up the whole room

So far so good
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