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Daisy has a sore tail!

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My kitten was chased up a tree by a much larger cat and i think that it has really hurt her, at the base of her tail, off to the side of her bum, she has a round wound about 1cm in diameter, and it is swollen, i thought she had broken it at first but the wound is worrying. she is being her normal crazy self, jumping around and annoying the other cat, she just wont let you pick her up, she starts squirming and winging, should i take her to the vet and is there anything else i can do in the meantime for her?
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She may have an abcess from a scratch- I just took my MIL's cat to the vet last week for the same thing. Depending on your vet and how bad it is, they will either want to clean it out and then send you home with antibiotics, or just send you home with antibiotics (my MIL's cat got both oral and topical antibiotics, since her abcesses had already burst and drained, and that was how they were found). We've had several of these with our cats, and they have all been fine . Good luck!
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Yes - definitely get her to the vet!
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Yes - definitely get her to the vet!
These things cannot be left never know what it is or what infection would occur.
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I am taking daisy to the vet tomorrow morning, there is now no lump in her tail and the sore is now open so i guess it was an absus that has now burst, i will let you know how we go tomorrow, thanks for your help!
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We went to the vet and it turns out that daisy had an absus but it had burst last night which was why it was weeping, that turned out to be a good thing because if it hadn't she would've needed an operation, they gave her a needle, some tablets and solution to bathe her sore in, the vet said she should be ok, i'm glad i took her to the vet, at least now i have piece of mind and my princess is ok!
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Good news, yay ! I hope she's all better soon.
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I'm glad you took her. Blossom was bitten by a cat a couple of weeks ago & she was given a long acting antibiotic needle & pain relief. She also would have needed an op if the swelling hadn't gone down.
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