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What the heck? over ICY HOT?

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I just don't get it. my cats FREAK over anything spearmint or peppermint. I just don't get it. Toothpaste, mouthwash, tic tacs they freak out at.

Sunday I had a sore shoulder from a workout, so I put icy hot on it. I washed my hands after I was done. twice. because I hate the smell of it. But Tinker found the scent on my hand anyway and went bananas. She NEVER plays like this. but check out this short video clip

Here's a screencap of it. she's too damn cute.



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Catnip is a species of mint, I bet there's a correlation there

Mine love minty stuff too, that pic is hilarious
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LOL that's hilarious!!!! I love how she's rolling around your hand acting so crazy!!
Jake loves any kind of mint also but only likes to lick it off of my hands, he has never done anything like that. Sometimes he won't even lick it, he'll just get his nose glued right on it in a sniffing frenzy as if it's a drug....
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That was soooo cute! You should grow Nepeta (Catnip, catmint) for her!
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Tinker is a silly kitty, but she's soooo cute!
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OMG Tinker is sooo adorable! I had to watch the video, how funny! But just the pic is unbelievably cute. Love that liddle tongue sticking out
I'd def get her some catmint
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Very cute! I have to be careful with my persian, or he'll take my hand off if he smells Burts Bee's, or menthol. He swatted my hand so hard one time it felt like a human man had done it!
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Mint, menthol, camphor. I am pretty sure kitties like the smell and taste of all of those things. Not sure they should have any of it, except maybe mint.

Catnip is in the mint family, which is why cats seem to like minty stuff so much.

Great pic and vid, BTW.
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Too cute... I kept waiting for her to roll off the table in her excitement.
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That doesn't suprise me. My Jordan goes mental over Vic's Vapo rub. (although I did find that I can reduce his reaction by using the stuff with lemon in it)
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You can add BenGay to the liniment list. We've had several cats go crazy over the scent including Aristotle.

Worst of all was York. He would lick my Dad's back after his morning rub. After Dad had his undershirt on, York would go over to Mom's nightgown and knead it for a half hour.
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Awwwww that's so sweet Rosie is the one in my house that goes crackers over anything minty in this house.

I've seen her steal packets of chewing gum from my bag just to lick them, so now i have to make sure it's zipped up, but the strange thing is, if i've just brushed my teeth or eat something minty, then gently blow on her face, she squints her eyes and bats me with her paw as if she doesn't like it?
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she's such a cute cat I have to laugh when she does it. It saddens me that she no longer lets me hold her, ever. but she will come lay on that DVR so i do get to pet her for 20 seconds or so.

Wilbur on the other hand, can't get enough attention and that suits me just fine
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What a cude vid! Look at some of the videos they reccomend we watch after yours!
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She is ADORABLE and I love the video!!!

But hold the phone. Each one of you has cats who like/love mint?! Every cat I've ever had HATES it! So I had always assumed all cats had an aversion to it because it was such a strong scent. Hell, they get a whiff and recoil, squinting their eyes like I just pepper sprayed them!

Soooo.. they are just whimps maybe, huh?
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
That doesn't suprise me. My Jordan goes mental over Vic's Vapo rub. (although I did find that I can reduce his reaction by using the stuff with lemon in it)
Java LOVES my chocolate mint foot cream!
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Okay, it freaked me out! my cat lily, i had just put Icy hot on, and she started to flp out! I was scared. She was acting as if she were gonna die, and she wanted to live the last few moments hyper! This wasnt normal for her! Is this like okay for cats? Will anything happen to her?

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My 2 go nuts over IcyHot too.  I've never had it on me any place they could lick; usually just my back  But I wouldn't think there is any harm in it unless they were licking where you applied it.  

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