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Hard to trap...any suggestions?

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I've been after this feral since last fall. She goes back and forth between our farm and a neighbor's. (The neighbor could care less.) I've tried everying in a trap and she won't go near it. If I even think about catching her, she senses it, she's gone.

Occasionally I can touch her. I've left a kennel standing upright in the woodshed for months, just in case. I've thought if I could just grab her, drop her in it...

I'm worried if I stop feeding her she'll just head for the neighbor's place. She won't go near a trap. I've noticed lately she's got ear problems.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Do you have a live trap? That would work best. Set up the live trap and cover it with a blanket (except the entrace). Lay newspaper on the bottom of the trap, covering the entire bottom. Leave a few pieces of some yummy food leading into the trap and then some at the very back so she has to go in. Don't feed her before you do this. I've heard that KFC chicken works every time.
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Yup, I'd recommend the humane trap as well. Much better than having to handle a freaked out cat.

If you don't have one already, call around to local shelters and vets to see if you can borrow one. When you find one, WASH IT with a light bleach solution. Get the smell of other cats and fear off of it. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Then spray it with Feliway - a fair amount of it, especially at the ends.

Use clay (non clumping) litter or potting soil (no chemicals added) - and pour it over the bottom of the trap, up through the wires. This way kitty doesn't have to walk on the wires, but will still trip the trap.

Cover the trap with branches and leaves. Spray the ends of those (near the trap openings) with Feliway.

Keep putting food out for kitty at the same time, same place, every day.

Then put the food out for kitty in the trap, not set to trip. Put it in the same place she normally eats the food.

When she's going in the trap to eat her food, then set it.

The other alternative is to not feed her for one day. She'll be hungry, so THEN put the food out in the trap set to trip.

And use a REALLY stinky food - mackerel, herring (no sauce!) - cats also seem to not be able to resist KFC chicken (take the skin off, no bones) - though just plain old Tuna always worked for us. I think the main thing that worked was to have the trap not smell like a trap - in fact, with the Feliway, to actually smell "friendly."

Good luck!

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KFC, huh? That's worth a try. I've gone through a few cans of Fancy Feast this past weekend and that was worthless. I set my trap out, concealed in bushes with no luck. I'll try covering the wires on the bottom, good idea.

She's smart. It's like she reads my mind. I'm worried about her though. She digs at her ears, shakes her head and cries.

It does scare me to try and just grab her, but I wouldn't do it without protecting my arms, face, etc. I can't do it with gloves though, can't get a good enough grip. I've had them give up once I grabbed, but I also had one that bit through my brother's finger. Ouch...

I'll let you know how the KFC works.
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I no longer have a KFC ( ) - so I've resorted to Meow Mix wet food. Stinky.
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If the neighbor is actively feeding her, ask him to stop for a week. This will help make sure she's hungry.

Good luck!
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I have to borrow another trap..the last one was hard to set. Still have the trouble maker here that gets into everything. I will also cover it as stated here & make sure they are hungry. Good luck catching your feral..I too need luck..
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I know nannerpuss, it's discouraging when the cat seems to be smarter than we are. This one, her name is Tux, just seems to have radar that I'm after her. I tried some people tuna last night and she wasn't interested.

The neighbors aren't feeding her. That's why she's here! I've still got her three offspring from last year, spayed, vaccinated, etc... but STILL here.

I get paid tomorrow. Might be time for some Kentucky Fried...
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Sending vibes to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When all else fails, a drop trap usually works. Our humane society tried to catch a feral cat for 5 years with no success. I read about drop traps here and made one for them. They caught her on the second try. And they also use KFC - original formula, skin and bones removed.
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