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Uncle Louie just died

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My 12 1/2 year old cat named Uncle Louie just passed away suddenly He was just sitting next to me while I was on the computer and I was petting him. He jumped down and went down hallway. I heard him dry heaving like he was gonna throw up. I got up and went to see him. He was laying on his side growling a couple of times....then he hissed twice then passed was all within a minutes time. I feel horrible as I stood over him as he died quickly. He was acting normal the last few days and eating OK. I have no idea what happened to him. Maybe a heart attack or something. I will call the vet tomorrow and talk to him about it. My friend is coming by tomorrow to help me bury him. I had him since he was 12 weeks old. I am presently treating a car for Kidney failure with an IV and meds...... I expected her to go first. I was just deciding if I was gonna take Uncle Louie to the ER room then he just died on me.......I feel horrible I loved him so much. I still have 5 more cats left. I have no my cats are my children. Louie was my mixed breed rescue........Thanks for listening.
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So sorry about your cat.
I wonder what happened.
You can pm if you need to talk about it.
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Oh my God Bob... I am so sorry for your loss! Hang in there - he knows he was loved very much, and I know it's no consolation, but at least you know he didn't suffer...
RIP Uncle Louie
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I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how you're feeling right now.
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I am so very sorry.
RIP Uncle Louie
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Aw Bob! So sorry to hear about Uncle Louie.
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I am so sorry, Bob.

Rest in peace, Uncle Louie.
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RIP Uncle Louie. That must have been so hard for you to witness.
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I'm so Sorry. Rest in Peace Uncle Louie.
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I'm so sorry. that must have been so traumatic. I'm sure he knew how much you loved him.
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Welp......we just got through burying him today. Uncle Louie was buried on my property. My friend went down 2 feet to bury his custom made mahogany coffin. Uncle Louie would cuddle up with me everyday and night to watch TV with me in my arm He was a rescued cat from 12 years ago on the way to the "bad people" that would put him to aleep ........... Thanks for your support to his advancement for his future

How do you get past "pet death".....?
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I have had around 60-70 cats in my life. I have never witnessed any animal dieing in my hands before this. Why would my cat suddenly die?
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did you call the vet? Since it was so sudden it does sound like a heart attack. I've never had that happen to me either but a co-worker's cat died just like that a couple of years ago. At least he didn't suffer. poor baby.

I always get over a pet's death by rescuing another one. It just helps to focus your energy . Everyone is different though. Last year when we had to put Mia to sleep( lymphoma) ....... a stray( Manny) ironically showed up the same day. I took that as a sign. I had never seen a stray so small before( he was only about 10 weeks) While you can never replace a beloved pet it does ease the pain to know you are helping another animal to have a wonderful life. It just always works for our family to do that.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Run free, Uncle Louie!

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I talked to my vet today about Uncle Louie. He felt that he may of had a blood clot that went to his heart when he jumped off my table. Dieing so quickly usually means a heart attack. I was petting him telling him that he will be OK.....then he just went limp and died on me. I was shocked how quick it was. I have not been able to eat in 2 days because of this. It was just horrible to experience My vet was sympathetic and felt bad about it.
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I'm really sorry, it must've been a terrible shock. Are your other kitties comforting you?
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sorry to hear about your loss... for you, & a for Uncle Louie...
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Condolences on losing your precious treasure, Uncle Louie. He still watches over you now, but from the other side of the Bridge, getting lots of pets & cuddles from our dear HopeHacker Sending you prayers and vibes for comfort and healing
I've seen beloved pets pass in all kinds of ways - it can be shocking, and even tho we've been given years and years of wonderful memories, it can be those last few moments that are so hard to erase from our minds
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I`m so sorry for your loss I guess at least you know he went fast and without pain and distress though of course it is never easy.

Rest In Peace Uncle Louie
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It must have been hard on you to watch him go. We don't usually see them die because they try hard to die alone in a corner or somewhere they think we won't find them.

Rest in Peace, Uncle Louie
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I'm so sorry. How awful to see your baby go so suddenly

RIP Louie

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Seeing your "best friend" dieing in front of your own eyes while I was petting him.......... and did not expect this death is a SHOCK! ..........This is something that you NEVER want to live ever again in your own life. It was nothing less than HORRIBLE.......... I picked up his limp body and knew he was dead.... I put him in a travel carrier as I was confused and knew that he was gone so quickly?
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My good friend Kurt came over and dug a 3 foot deep hole to bury him in my yard ...... Uncle Louie was an awesome cat and my friends loved him also as he was outgoing and friendly toward them. Thanks for all your support I miss him dearly......
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What a shock! On the other hand, I hope when I go, I go that quickly, healthy and active up to the last moment.

There is no "getting over death." Uncle Louie will always be with you, be a part of you. If you believe in the Rainbow Bridge, he will be waiting for you there. But you will always have a hole in your heart just exactly the shape of Louie, and nothing, no cat can ever fill it exactly.

But we all heal, knowing that we've done the best we could and that we were loved by these furry friends, however short the time...and it's always too short!
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I'm late to the threat, but I couldn't help but crying as I read your very first post. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult and shocking something like that must be. To be so unexpected...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. At least he went quickly (as if that's much comfort right now), and from Uncle Louie's perspective, at least you were there with him when he was called over the bridge.

RIP sweet Louie.

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Sorry for your loss.
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