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This is a story I have been following. I wanted to know if you guys could get the word out too! This poor girl needs some help and the more people looking for her the better!

From Catahoula Rescue Inc.:

Ground transport disaster. Girl transporting our black Dane mix, Puzzle, from Alabama (GA girl) had a major wreck, totaled her car. Dog jumped through shattered glassed windows and is on the loose. 11 months old, Sweet girl, wearing a bright pink collar, dragging a leash.. probably terrified. She has a scar with no hair on her neck from an embedded collar. She was wrecked on Rt 81 & 11 near Marion, VA.
Please post far and wide. PLEASE... I need help ASAP.. Can contact myself Janeen. 406-323-3519 or Robin 267-475-0541 Email contact: jj4@midrivers. com

Update:She is 4 miles south of the wreck, in the woods, still dragging collar and leash... We have someone on there way with stinky food, but she is scared and running from anyone seeing her. I also talked to a woman whose husband is a vet, and they are going to hold her and check her out once she is found... Fingers crossed that we can spot her again and catch her!!! Please pray for Puzzle!!!!

More info: