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Does anyone have any experience with Thrombocytopenia in cats. It is very rare and would appreciate any advice that can be given. My cat was recently hospitalized with a low platelet count and is currently receiving medication and he has not responded. PLEASE any information would help.

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What prompted bloodwork to be done in the first place? Was your cat exhibiting some kind of symptoms?

I ask because in my years of experience with cats and bloodwork in cats, it's very common for platelet counts to be "low" due to "clumping" of the platelets, which is pretty common (the platelets clump together and then, under the microscope it appears there are low platelets when it fact it's not really the case). Can you ask your Vet if "clumping" is the cause of the low platelet count?

Here's a Q&A online, from a cat owner whose cat was found to have low platelet count and an Online Vet responded, better explaining how a common cause of low platelet count in cats is due to "clumping" (or platelets sticking together):


I'm a human RN. I am very familiar with bloodwork in humans and a lot of it is similar in cats. I learned all of this a long time ago when I got a copy of my cat's bloodwork results and I nearly flipped when I saw such a low platelet count - the issue of 'clumping' was explained to me.

I'm not saying this most likely IS the cause of your cat's low platelet count but it is a possibility and one you'd want to rule out/confirm before they go treating your cat for this when perhaps treatment isn't even necessary.

Just something to talk to your Vet about, whether this COULD be a possibility - particularly if your cat hasn't been showing any symptoms (bleeding or bruising easily, etc)
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lms612, I'm so very sorry you're dealing with this.

Have important questions for you:

What is the medication? (Normally it would be prednisone and doxycycline). I remember a kitty that was helped by a blood transfusion.

Is your vet looking for the underlying cause?

Has your kitty been tested for hemobartonellosis?

The most important question: is your kitty by any chance taking Tapazole? Or some other medication that could cause low platelet count?

Info for you:
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My 14 year old cat, Speedboat was diagnosed with that this week. He has low blood platelets and low white blood count. Some of his kidney values, bun and creatine are elevated, therefore he also has some kidney failure. What my vet suggested is lymphoma and said ultrasound to know for sure. That could also cause the kidney failure. We are not doing that becaus of this age, we would not want to treat with chemo drugs. He has changed Speedboat's diet from W/D precription food to K/D and advised us to just make comfortable. I am trying to research and see if anything can be done to improve blood count and platelet count, but so far, I don't know.
I wish you the best and hope your cat will recover. I will be following your thread as I am interested in any answers.
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