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Hill's D/D questions

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Oreo was put on hill's d/d today for allergies.
Does anyone now anything about it?

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egg based , easy to digest often a first line RX for allergy or stomach issues
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I just got the small bag to try.
Is it good to keep her on it if it helps her?
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It was one of the many foods I tried for RB Damita. She did well on it. She liked the canned very much, especially I believe it was the duck.
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The one I got is Duck and Peas.
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It's OK. All of the Hills prescription foods are a little low in protein for my liking. Since it is a limited ingredient diet, however, it is missing a lot of the nasty fillers they use in their other formulas. Are you using the dry or canned?

If the pea & duck work for your kitty, I would do the Natural Balance version of it. No script, higher protein, no BHA in the dry food, better price...
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I just got the dry to try for right now.
I plan on getting the wet later on.
My Sphynx get Natural Balance lamb and rice for wet food.
Oreo seems to like the d/d.
All the other cats were smelling the bag.

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d/d has gotten IMHO worse ... used to be egg and rice

natural balence does not make a lamb and rice formula ( the reg has lamb and rice but also duck and chicken
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