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Bubbers and Chickster

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Boo-Boo (Who goes by so many names it's amazing he knows them all, Bubba, boober, bubba, buddy, boop, boo-boo, etc) and my torti Chickster. FInally I have pictures.

There they are!
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Boo-boo looks ANGRY! lol But adorable regardless.

They are both really cute, I love torties! Keep the coming!
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Boo boo is very handsome indeed. And I love Chickster's huge camera eyes, .
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I can't get a good picture of Chickster to save my life! She is camera shy, I swear. She barely sat still for that one and won't look at me for nothin'. Boo-boo always looks like that unless I've got him excited about going outside. Otherwise he's "blah, whatever ma', just let me alone!" He can look even worse than that when he doesn't get a treat or something he wants, the fur between his eyes puffs up and it looks -exactly- like he is scowling. It's pretty amazing
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Aw, adorable kitties! Although, Boo-Boo does look mad and Chickster looks startled. Still, they both are very cute.
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Chickster is one nervous kitty. She's -very- jumpy, and any sound she hears her eyes usually go wide and she looks freaked. It takes little to make her jump a foot in the air. I have no idea why she's like that, nothing strange has ever happened to her, save for her spay, which went off without a hitch. Thanks guys! I love my babies, I'm so proud of them
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Thank for sharing Boo-Boo and Chickster's photos with us ....
they look like furry bundles of love.
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They are both adorable! Especially Bubbers
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Boo-boo sure is a feisty looking fella! A natural born leader with all of his opinions!

They are both beautiful.. thanks for sharing them! Would to see more of these beautiful kitties!!
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Thanks for showing us your lovely kitties. We used to have a tortie who looks angry most of the time. She moved next door about 5 yrs ago with my mum. She's 17 y/o.
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