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My special Daisy girl

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Daisy was abused when she was a puppy, and apparently it was by a man who wore a hat, because she is wary of such. We adopted her from a shelter a day before she was supposed to be put to sleep. She is a half-lab, half-shepherd mix and I don't know what I'd do without her.

When we adopted her, we were lower middle-class and could barely take care of ourselves, but we got some free care for Daisy early on thanks to my mom's coworkers. My mom was long-distance dating a vet professor from VT, and he sent us continued heartworm prevention. Still, we lived in Texas and who knows what could've happened.

Now, two years later, we finally got Daisy officially checked out (even though my stepdad knew she was okay, she needed to be registered here in Georgia and such), and she's at 100% health. I'm still full of relief!

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What a pretty girl... I love her color!
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Daisy is adorable.
I agree with twstychik she is such a beautiful color.
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Awww she's beautiful Thanks for sharing her photos.
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Thanks for looking and for the compliments! I think she's the perfect mix, but I'm biased I gave her a bath today and she just loved it, but we were both exhausted afterward lol
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Oh wow Daisy is really a gorgeous girl, very unusual coloring and very very stunning
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What a beautiful dog! And she looks so content and relaxed. You're an to have given her such a wonderful home. She is very lucky to have you and I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
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Daisy is precious! I love her colors!
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