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Dash and Bella... being catty?

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So, let's see if this convoluted web can be solved by any of you...

Bella is the princess in the house. More often than not she stays in our room, because it's a huge space and that's where she's comfortable; that, and we are letting the dogs in and out all the time and I'm terrified of her getting out, so it's a rare occasion that she's out of my room. In her first year (she'll be two in a month, is that insane?!), she got to know the other cat, Tiger, and they did pretty well together, but Tiger is now an outdoor cat and has been for almost a year, so she hasn't had any real socialization with other animals (she played with our Maltipoo when she has a puppy, but now that she's bigger Bella wants nothing to do with her). OH! Well, a lot of the time I bring our lab/shepherd Daisy into our room and Bella and her will come nose to nose sniffing, then ignore each other. So yeah... Bella receives all the attention most of the time and she's used to being the diva.

Well, by a long string of events, my best friend Bryan moved here and became my legal brother when my parents adopted him. With Bryan came his 10-year-old cat Dash, and he is enormous but very affectionate and very open to having friends, even though he's never had another animal companion.

Well, Dash and Bella met, and I had high hopes. Me and Bryan are best friends, I wanted our cats to be as well. I have this vision in my head of them cuddling and stuff. And Bella used to follow Tiger around, so I thought things would go well!

I should've known better. Bella doesn't like having another candidate for my affections. But I'm not sure if that's it, or if it's because Dash is so huge, or what!

Dash looooooves Bella. He immediately comes out of hiding if he can smell or hear her, and lately he's been coming out of his shell even more to sneak upstairs to our room! He chases after her and meows at her (the cutest meows I've EVER heard), and makes a real effort. But Bella just hisses at him, and does a weird almost sort-of chirp with her ears pressed back against her head. BUT... if he turns around and walks away disconcerted by her behavior, she follows him, and if he turns back to her she starts hissing again! It's crazy!

All I want is for them to get along. Bryan and I are continuously bringing them out of our rooms and trying to give them a steady ground of the downstairs. Maybe it will just take time, but does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Sounds like Fiona and Rocko. Although Rocko doesn't follow Fiona around looking to interact (he's way to cool for that)

She hisses at him and swats him and spits at him. She just needs to make sure he understands she is the big boss. And he does. He occasionally chases her around and she'll make a fuss but then will go looking for him afterward. They have their own language. As long as no one is unhappy and exhibiting anxiety behavoirs I am happy to let them be who they are. It can be fun watching their relationship grow.

They have even taking to sleeping near each other and eat near each other. I even caught her cleaning his head a few times. Than she smacked him.

Sounds like they are feeling each other out right now. Just be laid back and let their relationship develop. Before you know it they'll be side by side looking out the window.
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