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Hole in lip from tooth

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Have any of you had the experiance of your cat's tooth bite into the lip? ReeRee's large canine has biten into his lip and it keeps reopening the wound because it's like puzzle piece now. It fits into it perfectly. Is the tooth too long? his lip too big? He has CH which causes him tp not have perfect control over his motor functions. Maybe this is just what he has to deal with from hitting his mouth on things?
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I have no experience with cats doing this, but I bite my lips and cheeks at least a couple times a week. Generally mouth wounds should heal fast, provided they're not getting infected. You can use diluted hydrogen peroxide (half water, half peroxide) and dab a little of that on the wound a couple times. It doesn't taste that bad so other than being annoyed over you messing with his mouth he hopefully won't fuss too much.

As for preventing it.. I have no ideas. You'd have to discuss that with your vet.
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I am taking a cat to the vet for somebody tomorrow with a similar problem to what you are describing, however the lip is not infected in anyway but the tooth looks a bit long and is fitting into the lip, so hopefully I will find out what the problem is tomorrow.
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We had a kitty come into the shelter like that - he had to have his tooth removed as his mouth was swollen from the tooth.
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If they have to remove the tooth my other two will be so happy because he likes to chomp on them. I'll be sad though. Not easy having to put your kitty through that.

I'll be interested to know what the vet has to say about the other cat. His isn't infected I keep up with cleaning it but I know it's painful.

He has an appointment coming up for a physical, i'll address it then unless it gets weird looking.
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I took my neighbours cat to the vet, and the vet said her teeth were in a bad way and her gums were red and swolled, she gave her an antibiotic injection and painkiller as she said it must be really sore, the cat is going back next week to have work done on her teeth and some of them removed.
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So I wonder if he is swollen and thats what made the tooth go into the flesh? I have an appointment for him soon so i will find out then. I hope he doesn't have to go through losing a tooth. Poor baby!
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