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Animals in cars

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A new state law took effect today: it is now illegal to leave an animal unattended in a car, regardless of the temperature or time of day. Law enforcement may use any means necessary, to remove the animal and the owner will be responsible for repairs to the vehicle. A fine and/or jail time is is applicable. It is also illegal to leave an animal tied up. Any law enforcement officer or Animal Control officer can enforce this law. If law enforcement is not available, firefighters are empowered to rescued the animal.

My cats are in the house, all of the time and my dogs have a large, fenced yard, a large pan of water and a shady patio. With 100+ temperatures, its is almost certain death, to leave an animal in a car. Many tethered dogs get tangled up and can't get to their water or to shade.

Under this law, if an animal dies, the person responsible will face felony prosecution.
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I am glad!
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That is wonderful!
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I think that is a great law, but I don't see many people following it though. Also, I think many people will either send there animals to the pound or even worse because they don't want to take the responsiblity of getting a fence for the animals. So in my opinion it is a bittersweet law. In theory it sounds great, but the other side of it could be really bad.
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I always thought that was how it was everywhere....That is great this law passed!!
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I think it's a wonderful law. I always feel horrible when I see doggies in cars with the windows only slightly cracked... mean ol' pet owners...
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I think it is about time pepole were made to be responsible for their actions. People without fences should keep their pet in the house.
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On Tuesday, my hubby and i went to a nearby coffee shop.

This coffee shop is pretty popular with surfers as it is located near a beach.

i was waiting in the car while he ran inside to get something. i saw a dog (looked like a mix collie) tied to a pole. He or she was shivering. It was a windy day.

i was pretty fumed.

There was only several customers in the coffeee shop. There were several youths chatting near the counter, and i saw a lady sitting near the window, enjoying her drink. One can easily tell the lady was the owner.

i asked her politely, "is that your dog out there?" She replied "yes." "well, your baby is shivering like madness, probably cold or just simply frightened."

She replied "did that other lady tell you to talk to me?" i told her i did not see or speak to any other lady (although i am glad someone did tell her off once). i explained the dog was probably pretty uncomfortable outside all alone, hence the shivers, etc.

She said she would not stay long and would be leaving soon.

I say!!!

Just wanted to share this experience. i told my hubby irresponsible people who don't care about their furbabies should NOT have pets at all!! I say!!!

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