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Ginger is filling the spice rack!!

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Ginger is filling the spice rack as we speak!!
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Aww...good luck, let us know how it goes

Vicky and crew
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Well I think she's done, it appears she had four--can't really get a good look in the nest box--so don't know for sure. I see an all white one a light gray and a dark gray one for sure. She's being a good mom. I'll get a good look at them hopefully after work, I'd like to try and let her rest and nurse for now.

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FINALLY! Congrats! Glad they seem to all be doing well, and I hope to see some pics soon too!
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Yay!!! I can't wait for pictures!!
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Yay!!! Finally, after all that waiting!!
Awww, they sound cute! Can't wait to see them!
Congrats to Ginger!
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Yaaaayyyy!!! I've been waiting and checking this sub forum to see if Ginger had given birth yet!

Yes, please keep us posted.
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5...beautiful babies!! We didn't actually touch them yet--we are waiting until tomorrow--its cold and rainy and we don't want to bring them out of the warmth of the enclosed nest box.

I think a dilute calico, a cream, a white, a light gray and a darker gray.

Ginger is being a great mom, she comes to great us and then they cry and she immediately returns to them. They all seem very active in the box though!

Look forward to pictures of them as well as a larger enclosure I'm building for mom and her little spices

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Awww, thats so great!
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Your "greys" are Blues Can't wait for pics.
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Congratulations!! You must be very excited! I can't wait to see my Mama give birth! She's due any minute now it seems. Is there a reason you haven't touched the little ones yet, aside from keeping them warm? I've wondered if there are any unwritten rules about that kind of thing.

Can't wait to see pics! I hope Ginger is getting some much needed rest.
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Thanks for all the good thoughts everyone!

Nope only reason I haven't touched is to keep them warm. I'm going to try and get each out and weigh them in the morning, plan on having a warm sock of rice with me to help keep them warm. I don't think Ginger will have any issues with me handling them. I held her while hubby made the hole in her nest box larger and she didnt' seem fazed by leaving her kittens in his care.

I have to remember to call the vet in the morning they wanted to know when she gave birth.

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