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Daily Question.................04/20/08

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your daily question dear member....

How many cellulars do you have?....I mean how many active lines do you have? do you have one for work and a VIP line?.. and you turn off the cell phone for the weekends?...

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I just have the one personal cell phone. I don't have a land line at home, so my cell stays on at all times.
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One mobile(cell) phone, and a landline
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I have my personal cell, and no landline at home. My husband has his personal cell, work cell, and a pager since he's on call 24/7.
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Hubby and I each have a cell plus a single landline at the house. My cell never gets turned off and hubby's almost never gets answered or turned on.
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We each have a cell, on the same account. We also have a land line, which is our primary phone line. My cell is on when I'm out of the house, except in situations where a ring would be inappropriate. I think Rob does pretty much the same thing. We don't get that many calls on the cells, anyway, because we don't give the numbers out to many people -- they are for our convenience, not for keeping us tethered, except to each other.
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I have one but I rarely use it. Nobody calls me
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I have moved and switched plans so many times, I have no idea anymore...Anywhere from 2-6.
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Just one
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I have one cell phone and my fiance has one. His is both work and personal because he works for a cell phone company. My phone is mainly used for texting.
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I have one cell... since I have no land line, it stays on pretty much all the time...

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We have a landline. I have a cell , my daughter has a cell . and my van is a Pontiac with onstar, it has a built in phone.
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I have one land line and one cell phone. I only turn my cell on when I leave the house.
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Over the years we started using only our cell phones, so we turned off the land line a little over a year ago. When I am home, I more often than not, do not have my cell phone on me, so I miss calls every single day because I dont hear the cell ringing. I have been saying I am going to get the land line back, but havent yet.
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Well, in our family (Mom and Dad, two sisters, three brothers), we have 7 cell lines. We also have a home phone, but we're all so used to using the cell that we rarely use the home phone (and in fact our one-year free service will be up soon!). With AT&T the biggest family plan you can have is 5 people, so my mom and newly-adopted brother had to start a new family plan, LOL. But yeah... me personally, I keep my cell phone on all the time. You just never know what might come up or when you might need it.
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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post
I have one land line and one cell phone. I only turn my cell on when I leave the house.
Same here. I only use my cell for emergencies or when I'm away from home. I need to change plans. I've had my cell phone for years and want to switch from paying 40 bucks a month, for something I rarely use, to a minutes only. I heard you can buy a chip to put in your cell phone that costs like 10 bucks a month. I'm not sure where you get those.
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I have a cell and a landline.My cell is alwas on.
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I have a cell for myself, and one that I got for my parents. I also have a landline. My cell is pretty much only used for outgoing calls, and is not usually turned on. I do carry a pager for work, which never gets turned off.
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I have a landline which I use most of the time now. I still have my cell phone as well but rarely use it anymore. I use to have a pager, but I retired that when I left my old job back in October and it is something I will never have again..
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what a nice participation!...

well, about me?.......
I got 3 lines in use of Cell phone and one landline....
-one is just for work, about TELCEL CO and other really VIP I mean rarely I give this number to other persons....Just relatives & TCS members......
- for christmas someone gave me as a gift another line from TELEFONICA...another CO......

all my lines are for this way can control the expenses...
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I have my cell phone, and we have a landline in the apartment. When we buy a house, hopefully soon, we'll most likely be getting rid of the landline. We rarely use it, and it will save us a little money.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Just one
Who needs more!?
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I have a land line, cell phone, and my husband has a cell phone on a joint plan.
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One cell phone here, a landline at home but most of the time my cell phone is covered up in my blankets!
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I have a Trac-fone and it's only on when I'm expecting a call and I'm not home. I hate cell phones. We have a land-line, and most of the time I don't answer it when it rings. I just don't like talking on the phone.
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