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Can anyone explain this?

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I give the kitties wet food in the morning. Mistoflees LOVES it. The meowing becomes frantic as I put the food in the bowl and put it on the floor You'd think he hadn't been fed in days. I give it to Sneaky as well, she's got a weight problem and I think the wet food keeps her fuller for longer.

Anyhow Sneaky does the strangest thing. She'll eat, then she'll "bury" her food bowl and his food bowl. She'll walk around the bowl scratching, and I'm assuming she's trying to bury it. Why? Sneaky's mom was a feral, but Sneaky has never had 1 day where she's had to struggle for life (she leads a pretty nice life here for a kitty ). Is it an instinct thing? Mistoflees never did it.

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It seems to be instinct. Cats in the wild will bury food for later, or bury it to keep from leaving any sign of their activities.
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This is a completely instinctual behavior. Cats will bury their food as to save it for later. Domestic cats even though finishing their food will display this behavior instinctively.
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I agree, instinct. Anything going in or coming out that has a smell gets covered
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My picky eater, Dusty, does this all the time!
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My boy does this constantly - not sure if it's the odor or what, but paw, paw, paw
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Would it be the same thing for my Torti kitten (Who will -not- eat wet food for anything) trying to cover up my Persian's wet treat in the kitchen? (Far away from her dry bowl) She never does it to her own bowl. Same thing, trying to hide activities or save for later? A nice little gesture on her part for Boo-boo?
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Awww you have a torti.

Sneaky Pie's a torbie, and has the whole torti attitude going on

She covers up both her food, and Mistoflee's food.

I guess she wants to make sure that nobody gets it

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