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Does your cat like newspaper?

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Cammy was cracking me up. I've been getting a newspaper because I'm about to be jobless and she came over and bit a big chuck out of the classifieds while I was holding them. So I realized, I have to give her her own sheet of paper so she leave my classifieds alone. I watch her to make sure she doesn't eat it or anything, but she just shreds it. I hide my hand under it and make her think something is under there and she jumps all over it! She's so much fun!
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We occasionally have a cat at the shelter that loves playing with newspaper, which causes real problem in their cage.

The latest one, Beethoven (a big yellow and white guy), would hide under any newspaper he could find. We had him at our vet's place for adoption (they keep one of our cats up there all the time) and one time, when they were cleaning his cage, he disappeared. They finally found him back in the operating rooms hiding under some papers.
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I've seen that and 'hole-punching,' LOL
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Yeah, Beau loves paper that is being waved around. He swats at it. I left out some junk mail ads and I found a corner bitten off. That's the last time I leave those out. Although I have left some out on our coffee table and those papers are fine. It's only the ones on the dining table where his food is that gets bitten. And yes, we've conceded our dining table to him. He's so spoiled.
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Both of my boys like newspaper. Thankfully they don't shred it, just jump on it like crazy. They like anything that sounds crinkly.
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I can't leave newspaper, much less any other type of paper around Bella. She has a fascination of it and ends up eating it!!!
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This reminds me of Rebby. Everytime I was reading the newspaper he would have to sit on it. So I would have to keep moving him to different spots as I finished each section. I guess it was his way of saying "Pay attention to me not the paper!"
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Penny is my paper/cardboard biter. She recently taught Baby Bonnie the joys of chewing the phonebook.
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Speck loves it. I read the newspaper in the floor and discard it the next day. Sometimes all you can see is a cat-shaped lump underneath the paper. A BIG cat-shaped lump, I might add...
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Lucy loves hiding underneath it. DH will pull a sheet out and put it on top of her. This will keep her occupied for long periods of time.
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My cats love any kind of paper. I get pieces of plain newsprint from work and bring it home for hours of play. My favorite is when one of them darts under the paper and all I see is a tail swishing back & forth!
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I was just writing about this on another post. Su (my Kitty in Heaven) used to like to News Paper Ski. That is where I pile up old papers in the middle of the room, He gets a good running start, jumps on the pile and slides across the floor. What a mess! But It did keep him out of trouble when I was atwork.
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Yes, Maggie especially loves newspaper. She likes to pretend to "dig" in it, or scratch it, or try to "catch" imaginary prey hiding under it. I actually got a little video clip of her when she was just a little kitten playing with some newspaper...she had been going nuts over it just before I got out the camera, and you can sort of see where she was tearing it up in spots. I just like to watch it 'cause it reminds me of when she was smaller--so cute!
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Cocoa, that was cute. TY for sharing. I wish I had moving vidio of my Kits. I did not have the technology in the house at that time. Binks says, "love that crinkle sound.
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Disa loves paper... and cardboard.

Pattern tissue paper is not to be left in his area, or it 'somehow' becomes wet and full of kitty tooth shaped holes. Weird.
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Maggie is the resident newspaper police. She'll lay on it and guard any newspaper on the floor and you can't have it
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Trent is my paper shredder. Any paper, but yes he does love newspaper.

If I'm trying to clip coupons I have to make sure he either isn't in the room, or that he has his own piece of newspaper to shred.

When I'm wrapping presents, he gets his own piece of giftwrap or my gifts don't get wrapped very well.

When I had to get a form signed by my doctor, and I made the mistake of leaving it on a table in the living room before I turned it in. Next doctor's appointment, I had to ask her to sign it again and explain that my cat ate my homework. She thought that was hilarious! Thankfully it wasn't a time sensitive form!
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The only kitty in my household that really loves newspaper is Shark...she lays across it and wriggles about when I'm trying to read it
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Do I need to say more:
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