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Daily Thread Monday April 20th

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Morning peeps!

Well, I just got a little wake up call Trout Style. I am sitting here with jammie pants on and no top..Trout was sitting on my lap cuddling. Some noise spooked her and she dug her rear claws into my bare stomach and jumped away! It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts

I am grumpy now.
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LMAO That will teach you to go topless Nat!

Morning everyone. It's a rainy day in Philly. Nothing really planned other than a nap. Today was hubby's first day back to work.
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I managed to drag my rear out of bed early this morning and come on in to work. It seems fairly nice this morning as I could see the crescent Moon and a super bright Venus when I walked out of the door. I also noticed that even at 6:15 it was pretty light out -- yet another indicator that Summer is almost upon us. The forecasters are calling for a 100% chance of rain today, but I could have had more success predicting the weather with my dart board than they have in the last 2 weeks, so who knows.

My birthday was last Sunday, so one of my friends at work is planning to take me out for lunch today. We tried to do it all last week, but could never find a time that was good for both of us. I'm planning to go out to the Red Lobster and have a big plate of shrimp for lunch. After that, I'll REALLY need to go to the gym when I finish work.
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I had Friday off so I could go to a ceremony and accept the Tree City USA award for the city I live in. Today, I have the day off so that I can mc an Arbor Day celebration complete with tree planting and poetry reading.
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Morning All!!

Rainy and cool here today.

Woke up at 5 A.M. and could not for the life of me go back to sleep. So now I am up and in a somewhat foul mood...

Am waiting for a callback from the Service Canada office in regards to the drug insurance plan I applied for. Knowing my luck I will sit around waiting all day and they will call about 4 this afternoon.

Guess I will just spend the day puttering around the house, catching up on some chores.

The kitties are window watching, it's garbage day today and that is one of their favorite mornings to supervise the neighborhood.

Everyone have a good one
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Morning (or afternoon, wherever you are!)!

BF left for a work trip to Oklahoma this morning, he'll be gone til Friday!

It was already super warm this morning, we're having a bit of a heat wave, in the 90s yesterday and supposed to be the same today. Then down to about 70 by Friday. blah.

Good news though, BF booked my mom a free flight to come visit in 2.5 weeks! She got laid off end of January and has been really bummed by lack of job prospects, so i finally talked her into coming to visit for a few days. She's got to meet her new granddaughter (Genever, our cat)!
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It's pouring rain here in NJ too. Couldn't move anything to the new place today but I did pack lots of bags so they are ready to be moved when I get a day without this heavy rain. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate moving.
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Posting late as I had to drop Bender off at the vet at 7 am for his neuter. Then came back home and transplanted tomato plants. Bad news is I was halfway done and I bumped the flat I was taking the seedling from and it flipped upside down. grrrrrr.....

I had only two varieties left so hopefully they didn't get mixed up!

Then off to work-busy day despite the crummy weather.

Hot beef sandwiches for dinner tonite as I have to pick Bender up from the vet and take Bakker in for his annual checkup.

Still blowing my nose and coughing but not as bad. Still a bit tired not as bad as I was though. Had a pretty good nites sleep last nite.

Planning on vegatating in front of the TV and its cold (39F) windy and rainy/sleeting outside. We did need some moisture though as the grass is greening nicely!
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