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Hi All! Although "hi" might not be the right word....

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Hi All! I wrote to Anne a few days ago about resigning as a Cat Lounge Mod. Gary and I have found ourselves having to produce twice the amount of work to stay in the same place these days, and, of course, now that I've got this nerve damage issue, whether it turns out to be carpal tunnel syndrome or not - has me working at less then 1/2 the pace I used to. So not only have I had less time to spend on TCS, it takes longer!

Though I don't want to leave TCS or leave as a Mod, I'm generally a work-a-holic, and I find myself spending time in the Cat Lounge I just don't have. In order to relieve my conscience of this "burden" (though I've LOVED the "job"!), Gary and I talked about it at length on several occassions, and I've decided the only way I can relieve myself of the "pressure to post," (LOL!) is to leave the Cat Lounge as a Mod.

Just thought I'd let y'all know what's up, as I don't show up as a Cat Lounge Mod anymore!!!
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...though I am still a Feral Colonies Forum Mod.... so you haven't seen the last of me by any stretch!
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I'll miss you here in the lounge! But I can chat w/ you in the mod lounge instead! Just don't disappear all together!

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at least you are still a feral mod I loved being a mod on the other site I went to! it closed though so now i'm just a normal poster everywhere!
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Thanks for all your hard work here. It's a wise woman who knows when she is stretching herself too thin. It's important in today's busy world to prioritize. Seems like you've got things together well. Take care.
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As long as you don't leave completely, it's okay Laurie. We'd miss you too much!
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Arrrrrhh That's sad but at least you will still be here
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Laurie, the important things are your health, your family (including furry) and your work! Take care of those things and drop in when you can. I value everything you contribute here and you have done a fantastic job as a mod!
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As long as we get to keep your company we won't complain I hope things get better with the nerve damage.
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Definately take care of yourself above all Laurie.... (((hugs)))

Hopefully the carpel tunnel problem will be rectified soon. That is not a nice experience...from what I have been told!

Whether you are a mod or not, the fact that 'Laurie' is still here is what is important in the end!

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