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Rescued Kittens!

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Hello, my name is Amie, and I have been on here a few years ago, but I haven't been on since then so now I'm back! But anyways, My neighbor rescued two baby kittens from her dog pen (the others were killed along with the mother by one of their dogs) , and now my parents and I are taking care of them, they seem to be doing very well! I'm doing a great job for a first time caretaker! Well, I've had cats all my life. I think their about 2 weeks old now and their eyes are still shut, but one of them, their eyes are about 1/3 of a way open so their almost there! We're taking them to the vet tommorrow for their first check up to see how their doing. As for now, I am bottle feeding them and stimulating them after they drink the formula. But I'm a little concerned about one of them, it drinks like crazy and its stomach is huge! It's tummy is a little pink, but its a white kitten. My neight gave them a tiny sliver of baby suppositories and it made them poo like mad, and a few hours later, I got one of them to poo a little and its kind of mushy and yellow, is that normal? I figured it was, but the other one doesnt eat as much and doesnt poo as much, but their both doing very well. They've been sleeping for about three to five hours now so I think they'll be okay. I'm just concerned about the one's stomach, is it normal for it to eat that much and have a really big stomach? Thanks for your help!

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About that big stomach you can ask the wet... Although they can be quite big yes.
The poo being yellow etc I think it is normal yes. You do seldom see the earlykitten-poo, as mothers do eat it up. - But you dont need to be SO dutyful.
Pink belly in a white cat sounds normal....

Thanks for what you and your parents are doing!

Vibes are hereby send:
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Aww, poor little Babies!
Good for you for taking them in and caring for them!
Since their eyes haven't opened, they're probably closer to 1 1/2 weeks old.
As said, the poo is normal because of the milk...
Drinking alot should be fine(MUCH better than not eating much), so I think that one should be fine as long as it goes to the bathroom. It could be a parasite, so ask your vet about it tomorrow, as well as whether they're male or female too. As long as their active enough(for a little kitten), I wouldn't worry...
Feel free to ask more questions if you want!
Good luck to the little ones!
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