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Ahhh, California!! On Sunday, I left in the am and it was 36 degrees, arrived in San Diego to a nice 86 (warm for that neighborhood), drove back thru Perris @ 100 I'm back home & it's a warm 79. On Friday it's back to norm: 68/31here in my town. But at least it's not Bridgeport (CA) - on Friday, their low drops to 23....our area can vary by 64 degrees in one day Welcome, opening Fishing Day this weekend
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We just hit 100. Anyone not in Califonia want to trade weather?

Live Conditions 3:06 PM
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mphSo Far Today
Lo: 57°F Rain: 0.00" Hi: 100°F Gust: NNE 9 Heat Index: 98°F
Humidity: 19%
Dew Point: 52°F
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No, not yet.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It was 98 here today.
I can imagine what summer will be like this year.
Even San Francisco was 92.
How can you stand riding horses in this heat?
I hope its not this hot when we go to the cat show.
I have no idea how i stand it! lol. Once I get on its not so bad if the sprinklersare on adn i just ride through them And when its hot i only ride for a short time cause its hard on the horses. When it is 115 degrees out we dotn ride, i spend the whole watering horses, hosing them off etc... its not fun!!
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Not record, no. Though last weekend parts of the state had snow.
It was only around 81F today but that was too hot for me.
I had to go to Kmart to get my prescription filled and the heat did a number on my blood pressure and heart rate - it was not safe for me to be driving as my blood pressure was falling enough that I was having problems seeing.

It's suppose to be warmer tomorrow (says 85, I bet it will be 88), I think I'll try to do my best to stay out of it. Unfortunately it looks like this summer will be very bad for me as I seem to be more heat intolerant this year.
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I get severe migraines from the heat.
When it starts getting hot i have to stay inside.
I get the flashing lights and and the auras.
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We had snow yesterday morning. Made it only into the low to mid 40's. You can send some that heat my way, not any 90's, but low 70's would be nice.
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We're back to 60s today... BRR! (well compared to the past few days anyway!)
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Supposed to be an awesome weekend this weekend
It's been cold the last few days..... today's high of 11C ( 51F) which is typical spring weather.

Tommorrow's high of 25C (77F) is that's summer weather.
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Only going to be 98 here today, 92 tomorrow, it's a regular cold front!
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Its 74 now which is nice.
Will be 80 later today.
i will keep this temps.
Was 99 yesterday.

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After having snow and low 40's on Wednesday, yesterday was sunny in the mid 50's and today it will be close to 80 We had thunderstorms this morning too
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It 55 here right now with a chance of rain.
Should be only 71 today.
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91 today, 82 and rainy tomorrow, guess I'll get my long pants out
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Near 90 here in central Missouri.
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Apparently 80 in Detroit today. I just spent an hour sitting in the grass with Gus on the leash.
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