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Flipping water bowl over?

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Henry is 11 months old and is the most playful, mischievous cat I've ever encountered.

Lately, when we put him in his bedroom (we have to sometimes keep him in there separate from our other animals, for various reasons) and put a fresh bowl of water out for him, he'll flip it over within a minute.

We thought it maybe had to do with him looking for leftover pieces of food from the food dish nearby, so we moved the water across the room (still not anywhere close to the litter box). He still does it. We've resorted to leaving a huge Pyrex glass bowl in the room with water in it.

I'm not looking for ways to fix the problem, but I'm really curious as to why he would do this? Boredom?

He's such a weirdo
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Twitch does it when pawing in the water - which she must do prior to drinking.
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Aw maybe he has a water fetish, I know my cat has OCD or something because she'll paw the food out of the bowl and eat one piece at a time. She's silly.
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Since I had a cat who did this I can tell you the best thing is to get a heavy weight ceramic dog dish for water. If its big and heavy it won't be knocked over. Cat dishes with water in them are like toys for some cats and easily knocked over!
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I had a bit of trouble finding a suitable water dish for Kitty, as he is absolutely fascinated by water in all forms (except he doesn't ever seem to drink it - but he eats canned food, so maybe this is why). I eventually ended up with one that is ceramic, and kind of cone shaped - ie. with the bottom of the bowl being larger in diameter than the top/mouth of the bowl, so that it's very hard to flip. Now, this doesn't stop him from putting ALL of his toys (or anything else he can find) in his water dish and then making a complete mess trying to get whatever it is OUT of this dish, but he doesn't flip it anymore. good luck!
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Is your floor level? Years ago I lived in an apartment in an old house that could have used a gut rehab, and my cat loved knocking over the bowl and watching the water slowly flow from one end of the kitchen to the other...
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