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New Addition (..& a foster!)

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I met a couple of girls I was interested in adopting today.. they were so sweet, but so sick (with herpes & possible URI, etc.).. it wasn't something I was going to take a chance on bringing home to the others, not to mention it's a financial burden I cannot take on right now. I was so disappointed..

Then this giant teddy bear sauntered by and sat on my foot:

Meet Moose! He picked me out today. He stopped me in my tracks.. literally! When I picked him up off my foot and those big paws went around my neck, oh my God.. I couldn't help the water works! He was just so sweet and gentle. (Get it.. Moose Tracks?! The ice cream?! ) I bring him home tomorrow. He's HUGE, gorgeous and pure moosh! They said he's incredibly submissive with other cats.. he and Punky will be great pals, I think.

Here's a little video I took of him today.. note: I call him a girl in the clip because I read his info wrong.

As I was about to leave an elderly couple came asking to leave their cat with them. She's about 8 months old and was stuck to a cactus when they rescued her. Their GSD hates cats, so she's lived in a cage for the past 6 months. They had no placement for her, so I became an impromptu foster meowmy! She's terrified of everything, might have been feral.. which I'll go into detail when I later post for much needed guidance! Let's just say it's going to be a HUGE learning experience.

Somebunny isn't amused with life!

She didn't have a name.. so I'm calling her "Somebunny".
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Looks like Moose is a Poly... he looks like he has extra toes... i.e. a Hemingway Cat! He does look like a big mush... and those eyes... I'd take him home too, if I were you... congrats on the new addition! How old is he?

And that poor Somebunny... she looks so scared, but I hope she realizes soon that she is in a caring environment where she can grow to trust again... she's so pretty...

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You're a furmagnet! They know a loving person that will provide a good home when they see one! I'm so glad they'll know a home without a cage
Moose is a big handsome guy and Somebunny is so sleek and gorgeous!
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Wow, Moose is soooo handsome! No wonder you fell for! :P Congrats!

Awaiting further news... Hope it's good

PS: Oh, and more please! Moose is so dashing.
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Moose looks so huggable! His name really suits him too

Poor Somebunny doesn't look like a happy camper. Hope she'll cheer up after some tender lovin' care from you

Do keep us updated on how the glossy black girl is doing
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Is Moosie a lynx point with blue eyes? He looks like a pointed cat. He's a big mush bucket!!!

And Somebunny is gorgeous.

I do have a soft spot for black cats.

Good luck with her.
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Dangit... I can't see the pics at work. Stupid firewalls. I can't wait to get home this evening to see Moose!! I just LOOOVE big boy cats so I'm sure I'll love him! congratulations on being "found" by Moose!
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Awww, Moose looks like a big huggable lover!! And Somebunny is gorgeous with that glossy black coat. I can't wait to see an update on these two!
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Moose is a big ball of handsome boy--he looks like pure love. Poor Somebunny. It breaks my heart to look into her sad eyes, but I am sure with time and care, she will blossom. She is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Please keep us updated on these two.

P.S. You're an angel for helping out two cats today. Er, yesterday.
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Moose is GORGEOUS! & your Somebunny is a cutie!
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Give that gorgeous Moose some hugs from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're one lucky meowmy to have been adopted by him.

As to Somebunny? Feel free to post in Caring for Strays & Ferals or in the Behavior forum and we're there! It will be an adventure you'll cherish forever. ...and probably keep you coming back for more....

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Good job with the feral, as LDG alluded to, it's quite a rewarding feeling.

She looks to be in good health, and on the younger side, which is a definite plus w/ferals, at least from my experience w/my kitty, which was a stray, as well.
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