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Help- cat eye problem?

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I have a 6mo old Bengal. Today I noticed the sheath that usually covers his eye when he blinks is still covering the lower corners of both his eyes when they are wide open. They are in lower the corners, closest to this nose.

Is this normal?

Also, I noticed his nose is really dry all the time... anyone have the same issues?

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It's called the third lid, and it usually shows on my cats when they are squinty or tired. If it's showing all the time, a vet visit is in order because it could be indicating a problem.

As far as the dry nose goes, at least three of my 5 always have a dry nose. Unless it's peeling skin, that's completely normal for a kitty to have a dry nose.
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his nose does peel every now and then, what would that indicate?

I think I will be going the the vet about his eyes, it has been showing all day. Do you think it is okay to wait 1 or 2 more days to see what happens or could that be too late to fix a problem?

I really appreciate your advice, I'm new to this cat stuff.

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If it's both eyes I would go to the vet. It can be a symptom of many things including a high temperature, dehydration, or a serious worm infestation. A dry nose is not abnormal in cats if there are no other symptoms, but combined with the eye problem it might be a sign he is be coming down with something and running a slight fever, so take him to the vet at the first opportunity just in case.

It is always the case that it is better to see the vet soon rather than wait to see how things develop, if there is illness brewing it can be harder to treat once it is full blown, better to catch it early. I always think it's better to go to the vet and find nothing wrong rather than leave it to see what happens and potentially end up with a bigger problem.
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