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Sick Cat

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I am not sure what's wrong with my cat.....this cat has had crystals in the past a few times...but this seems different.....The first hint I got was he didn't come to eat his pm feeding tonight....Now yesterday another one of my cat didn't want her am feeding but with alittle encouraging and some tuna...she ate and seemed totally fine later in the afternoon....There was vomit on the floor so I thought it was her( Scooter)...but now I am thinking it was the only thing different since I had tuna left yesterday(pm feeding ) I gave my 5 cats alittle scoop to finish it off....There was more vomit on the floor near Tigger and his mouth was wet so I am pretty sure it was from him....this evening...I went to check on him and I thought I best check his bladder to see if it was maybe full...but its doesn't seem full at all....and this time when I picked him up he had diarrhea on his fur and was growling at me ...he never growls at I know he is sick and maybe in pain....So I checked the litter box and sure enough some diarrhea with a touch of now I am worried sick.....I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow if he isn't better .....I can't imagine the little tuna I gave him has made him this sick ??? All my other cats seem fine.....I can't get him to drink either and that has me ver worried....he is prone to crystals and I know what the not drinking can do to him......any idea what's wrong with him ??

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I was told never to give any type of fish to a cat that has had crystals.
It will make them worse.
I have a cat with that problem.
Sounds like your cat has something else wrong since he has diarrhea.
Can yo call the er vet for advice?
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I would take him to an ER vet - maybe he ingested something? Chemicals, medicine? The fact that he is throwing up so much and having bloody diarrhea, and not eating sounds like an emergency to me.
Good Luck!
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There is no er vet here...only reg vet on call.....I'd have to call the service and then they call the vet...
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Originally Posted by Nance View Post
There is no er vet here...only reg vet on call.....I'd have to call the service and then they call the vet...
I would definitely do that then...
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Waiting for vet to call back
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I hope they can help you tonight.
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The vet called back last night and said ....just to take away and food or water...and see if his stomach settles and to bring him in.. in the am....I am going in 15 mins ....he seems more alert today...and even ate alittle canned food....and so far as kept it down....I'll update when I return
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I hope he keeps feeling better.
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Well we are back from the vets....he was slightly dehydrated ( from vomiting and diarrhea last night ) He said he didn't wanna give him sub q fluids....until he had some blood work done just incase he wasn't feeling well because of some kidney we had blood work done....all was fine...the gave him 150 to 200 ml's of fluid a pengent neat shot ?? And some meds to take home...metronidazole and famotidine to stop vomiting and diarrhea...which he said to stop giving it to him... if he was getting better.....So we don't know what cause this episode....scary tho when one of our pets get so ill .....
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I am glad you went to the vets.
I hope he feels better.
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