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Very Worried.

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Ok, Saturday night my mom applied Hartz flea, tick and mosquito little thing where you open the little tube and apply it on. Ok, well she put it on my cat Chloe. As of Sunday now, she is in pain. She has meowed more than she ever has and is very sentitive to the area where the stuff was applied. There is a little red spot/rash area I can see. I am as of very soon going to get a warm rag and try to wipe off any residue of the stuff and try to help her out a bit. If that doesn't work and she is still sensitive to that area, so I need to take her to the vet and have him take it from there. Has anybody else had this problem and if so what did you do. Thanks a million.
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I do not want to scare you but my friends dog died from that stuff.
I would call the vet.
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Call a vet ASAP.

Hartz should be banned I swear. I have heard of so many cats and dogs that get very sick from using that junk.

If you need flea and tick medicine ask your vet for spot treatment that you can get from them like Frontline Plus, Advantage and Revolution. They are safe to use and you can now usually pick them up at local pet stores with a script from your vet.
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what would I tell the vet? I mean I am going out of my mind right now. My mom is telling to calm down that she will be fine, but i can't . Like what would the vet do or say. I have no clue here.
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You tell them exactly what you told us. You tell them the product you used, when you used it, tell them she is off colour, crying and has a skin reaction where the product was used and what should you do. And you need to do it asap.

Hope kitty feels better soon
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I agree with everyone else. Call the vet ASAP. They will most likely give her something for the allergic reaction. And no more Hartz! Not only can it be very harmful but it isn't very effective. Until you can get her to the vet, just rinse the area VERY VERY well with warm water and a mild soap. I hope everything turns out okay!!
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You will need to call the Er Vet.
They will help you.
That stuff is terrible.

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I highly disapprove of Hartz products -- all of them. Even toys. I'm so sorry your cat is in pain. A vet needs to see her ASAP .. vibes for your baby
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Sending vibes for your kit.
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If you can't get to an ER Vet or call your vet, which you need to do, call the animal poison control center, I think those over the counter products should be outlawed!

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Thank goodness, my cat is fine. She is back to normal and I can see a huge difference in her behavior. I immediately wiped off every bit of what I could and put some medicine on her little red area. It was a good thing that that stuff has not been on her for more than 24 hours, or else I may not be so lucky. I will never use that Hertz stuff ever again. I got lucky this time around, next time my mom will have to ask me what she uses on my cat. Thanks for all the helpful comments that were left, they really helped.
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So glad she is better. My daughter's cat had a bad reaction to that as well. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on her. I believe that the flea stuff may be absorbed into the skin.
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Sending vibes for your kitty
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