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Filtered flowing water for about $18

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I'd been wanting to get a cat fountain forever, but the cost, plus the fact that I have a dog that can drink about a gallon a day in the summer meant it wasn't going to happen.

I only have room for one water dish (actually I've been using a pan) for all the animals to share.

I had a brand new aquarium power filter sitting here and I thought, hey! I can use that.

The filter is a Whisper Internal power filter for a 2-10 gallon aquarium.
It cost roughly $15 at Petsmart, it filters using floss and carbon cartridges and cycles 85 gallons an hour.

Then I bought a 6 quart Sterlite storage box with lid for $3 at Walmart.
I haven't cut it yet, but I'm, going to cut the lid leaving just the lip (so that it'll still lock onto the box) and enough to cover 1/4 of the box over the filter to prevent water from splashing out.

Works like a charm, the cats love it and it's big enough for my big dog.

It's almost completely silent so they don't really even notice it.

Best part is that it's rectangular so it will be easy to clean, and the filter cartridges are inexpensive and easy to get.

I'll post some pics as soon as my camera batteries are recharged.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post

I'll post some pics as soon as my camera batteries are recharged.
What a great idea! I'd love to see pictures of your invention!!
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I lied, I have no idea where I got 6 qts from, it's 20qts (5 gallons), obviously not good if you have tiny cats or kittens.
Still no lid, I can't find my utility knife
I'll bump this with new pics once I get the lid done.

Here's a pic though, the 12oz soda can is for size comparison.

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I think that is a truly excellent idea.
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Ingenius! Looks easy to clean, too.
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I made a smaller version once, but my Twitch likes to drink from the flowing water of the she stood on the side & tipped the (smaller) tub I was using over. Do you think a kitty could rest their paws on the edge of your "fountain" to drink without tipping it?
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Yes, mine do

Jade drinks with her paws on the edge and gets it as it comes out of the filter
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I'm very pleased it's held up to her standing on it! My kitties continually break their Drinkwells at a rate of 1 -2 fountains per year. This would be a most cost effective solution....and the doggies would love it too!
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