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Thinking about fostering

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Hi there -
The rescue group where I got Lucky and Bugsy from is in desperate need for foster homes, and the lady has asked me to foster, due to the tremendous progress with Lucky...
What is involved in fostering? Who pays for the vet bills while the kitty is in the foster home?
I would love to help, but my only fear is the vet bills, since I am going to take care of Bugsy's dental problems soon...
Any advice is much appreciated - I know kitten season is coming up, and I would like to help her, as the shelters here are mostly kill shelters.
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Generally the foster organization takes care of vet bills, usually through an arrangement with some specific vet. Be sure you know where to take them in an emergency.

When we were only officially "fostering" Ella, however, I took her to our vet for a quick checkup to be sure she didn't have anything she could spread to our boys.

So far, all she's ever given them is holy heck.
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You'll have to ask your organization, but usually they will pay the vet bills and some give you all the food and supplies(litter, food dishes...). I strongly recommend fostering- it's soooo rewarding and fun to see the little ones grow up- and best of all, you give them the best chance for adoption, because they're raised with people rather than in a cage.
If you do get a Mommy, be sure to post it in the Pregnant cats and kitten section- I'd love to see that story!
These are all the little foster guys I've had over the years:

Oh, yes, if you just get a mommy, you just need to provide a room for her and the babies- other than that just alot of cuddles
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