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New Kitten Mama-Kitten got neutered

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I'm new to the forum so I apologize for starting a new thread. I need some feedback about my kitten.

He is a 6 mos. old male kitten who got neutered on Wednesday. I did not feed him until the following day. He ate all of his food and appeared to return to his normal activity. His surgerical incision seems to be doing well.

Yesterday, Saturday, I noticed he vomitted twice. The discharge was white, clear foamy. He did not eat dinner. This morning, Sunday, he did not touch his breakfast. He sniffs his food, but walks away. Being a new mama for a kitten, I am nervous. I'm not sure if the vomitting or loss of appetite is a delayed reaction to the anesthetic used or possibly licking the surgerical glue. His activity seems normal.
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He may have an infection, and that would explain his not eating. He needs to see the vet tomorrow morning at the latest.
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Sorry to hear your kitty isn't feeling well. Can you call the vet today for advice?
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Thanks. His change is eating is a surprise. He did fine for the days after surgery. So, I will probably take him first thing tomorrow morning.
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Do you have any treats that might entice him to eat? My kitty got spayed on Friday and the first thing I could get her to eat was a freeze dried chicken treat.
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Thanks Merindah! I tried giving him some cat treats. He sniffed them and licked one. No go. He is a hearty eater usually. His activity seems normal. I mean, he is chewing on the mac per usual to get his mama's attention.

ETA: I forgot to mention that he got his distemper shot at the same time. I've been reading online that this vaccination can have side effects of loss of appetite and mild fever.
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How is your kitty doing? Has he gotten his appetite back yet?
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What did the vet say? Is he doing better now?
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Sorry I didn't get back to update about kitty's status! I took Shiloh to the vet on Monday and all of his tests were clear. A good thing! I was still a little worried 'cause he was not eating or drinking--just sleeping alot. He ate on his own that night plus had some water intake. He was able to hold his food and water down. He still has some diarrhea.

I think he just had a side effect to the vaccination. The vet didn't hear of such a thing. I found on a site that cats can have side effects from vaccinations: such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, and mild fever. He is slowly improving and eating and drinking more. Hopefully, his bowel movements will be normal soon. He is not keen on eating moist food, but I'm hoping it will change with time. I am out $150, but at least I know he is ok. Shiloh had his mama worried!
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