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When do kittens calm down?

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My Maine Coon is seven months old and 90% of the time he's psycho. Sometimes when he just wakes up he's lovey and will let you hold/pet him and will rub up against you. Other than that he runs around like a madman sprinting around the house, runs up to people's (socked) feet and just bites and claws them. And, whenever we go to pet him he turns to bite and attack us. Whenever we try to hold him he squirms and tries to get out of our arms or begins biting our faces!

He's past teething, his adult teeth have been in for a few weeks. He was neutered about two months ago. We also have plenty of toys for him to play with and will play with him ourselves with those toys. Whenever he bits us we yelp and walk away from him, but he hasn't gotten the hint for -months-!

When can we expect him to calm down? And, (I know there's another forum on biting I've been reading it) is there any other recommendations for any of his behavior we can do? Also, will this be his perminant personality? Can we tell?

I want a cat that lounges about, not a psyco man who sprints across the house, full on attacking anything he can get his paws on.
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Dont try to hold him or pick him up when he is being playful like that.
Also, if you wanted a lounge cat, you should have adopted an adult.

He is going to be playful for a while....both my male cats are 1.5-2yrs and they are very playful. I don't mind it.
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Maine Coons have the reputation of maturing more slowly than many cats.

Think of it as having 20 years between 13 and 19 for humans. Fun, huh?
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One of my DSH tabby boys that was orphaned and bottle fed is now 18 months old. He still has his "physco" kitten moments but less often.

Friday I had the cable people out for a problem. I looked down at the cable guys leg to see my cat attached to his leg and PLAYFULLY biting at his pants. The guy just looked down and gave him some scratches.

They do get older and grow out of this adolescent behavior. Much depends on the personality and/or the breed. Not all cats are laid back or lap cats. Very unique individuals.

My thoughts would be to enjoy their antics and keep consistent on how you avoid the biting behavior. When mine were biting I gave them a plastic straw to chew on to replace the behavior of biting inappropriately.

Hang in there.
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As pointed out, it depends on breed and, of course, the cat itself.

Generally though around a year they start napping a bit more and are more content with some self play (batting mice and balls around the house). Around two they nap even more.

One of the best things for hyperactive cats that need a lot of play is simply to get another cat (or even dog - as some cats do prefer to live with a dog) to help. That may also curb some of the biting as another cat generally won't stand for it. Another option may be, if possible, to provide an outdoor enclosure.
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Ree Ree was my crazy kitty. He turned two this past January and seems to be calming down significantly. He somewhat calmed after a year but not really until he hit two.

I agree, if people want a lounge cat get an adult or even a senior. There are lots of people who don't want an older cat but my Rocko is awesome! He still likes to play but doesn't go "crazy" like the young'ins can.

ReeRee is a biter too. That has almost completely gone away too. It's liike he has learned his manners finally!

Hang in there. It does get better.
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My cats are both a year and they are crazy. They run around the house and wrestle with each other. I can't wait until they get 3. We had a 3 year old and he had a burst of energy in the morning and that was it. I miss those times.
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Oh dear, he's a teenager!! He'll calm down when he's about 30! Just joking! Seriously, though, you've got a long way to go until he "calms down". We got Hannah when she was 7 mos and she didn't calm down until she was about 18 mos. Treasure each day, though. Once he does mature you'll look back and think 'I remember when...' and you'll miss the chaos.

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Blossom was the same. She would attack out legs & feet every time we walked past her. She started to calm down about a year. She sometimes still bites & scratches but its usually when we pet for for too long. But just cant resist that fluffy belly.
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At eleven months, Zero is just finally starting to show signs of calming/slowing down. Pumpkin didn't stop chasing her tail on the bed in the wee hours of the morning until she was over a year old.

I think it's just normal adolescent cat stuff...
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I love that my two are nuts my two are just over 8ish months and are showing no signs of calming down anytime soon unless the heating is on and you will find them lying next to a radiator hehe
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My NFC was 2 years old before she decided to act like an adult, at 15, she still gets bouts of kitten crazies about once a week (funny to watch a senior get saucer eyed and chase invisible things).
My slightly over 1yr old moggie rescue still gets nightly crazies.
My barely 1 year old is still in full on kitten mode.
My ex has two boys (littermates) that are 4 years old now, one calmed down at a year, the other is still full on kitten.
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Try wearing him out with a toy like Da Bird or a laser pointer.

Chloe mellowed out at about 8 or 9 months? She's still playful, but she has more impulse control. If you have string in front of her now, she'll sit back and watch it before pouncing. As a kitten, she HAD to go after it no matter what. She was also always bolting around our apartment and she doesn't anymore.

Henry is 11 months and is still crazy.

Some cats are just more playful and energetic than others. He'll probably always have the personality he has now...
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laser pointer is a great suggestion, so is DaBird or any similar type of a toy.

my cat is now 5 years old, and he's come down considerably. But I'd say it took about 3-4 years to get the 'kitten' out of him.

I remember he used to chase DaBird to a point of laying down and panting
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