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So yeah...we moved the wedding up!

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And no I am not pregnant!

With money issues(we are paying for all of it) and just buying a house and also have some issues with my mother(issues that I would prefer not to get into here. Too indepth but it DOES have to do with the wedding)Travis and I have decided to go down to Myrtle Beach and do it! I am super excited since we cannot afford a honeymoon right now! His parents have a condo down there and they do beach weddings 2 miles from there! So we are officially getting married the week of June 13! I have a LOT of phone calls to make in between now and then.

We did talk to our parents and told them we would love to have them come down and this is what we really want. It was a hard decision for me alone because I am such a people pleaser and didn't want to upset anybody and for me to seem selfish. My friends finally convinced me that if this is what I REALLY want(and I do and cannot wait!)then it is perfectly okay to be selfish. It's our wedding.

Then on July 11(the original wedding date)we are having a HUGE party with all of our friends and family to celebrate with us!

We are going to send out invitaions for the cookout stating that we got married and are having a party to celebrate. Anyone have any ideas on how to word this properly?

Thanks guys!
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as a people pleaser myself I know where you are coming from. But it's YOUR wedding, and I don't think weddings should be stressful! So i'm soooooooo happy for you that you are doing exactly what you want!~ It sounds beautiful!!! Congratulations~

I don't have any advice for you, but my guess is most of your friends will be grateful! Now they don't have to go to the long ceremony part but just get to celebrate with you at a party!
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Congratulations! I think your cookout invitations could go something like this: Your names and the date of your wedding, then soemthing like "we cordially invite you to attend a party in celebration of our recent marriage."

or if that sounds too formal: "we hope you will join us and share in our happiness at our first party given as a married couple."
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Oooooh, How exciting!!!

Not sure how to word it...but weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I am also a people pleaser. I am glad you are doing it your own way. I regret caving into to everyone on my wedding.
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Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

How about:

Please join us for a celebration of the marriage of
Map if needed


Please join (names) for a (cookout, party) as we celebrate our marriage, which will take place (where) Myrtle Beach, SC on July 11


You are cordially invited to a wedding party in honour of the marriage ofรขโ‚ฌยฆ.etc.

*you might want to add an RSVP with date
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No need to feel selfish at all. It's your wedding your way. You make the rules.

Personally I am a fan of elopement. It just seems more romantic to slip way to some exotic place and get married.

If the family or friends don't agree that's too bad for them. When all is said and done the ceremony is about the commitment between the two of you not them.

Congratulations! Sending for the perfect wedding.
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I think that sounds great, Courtney! You have to do what works best for the both of you
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I always said if I had a daughter, I'd give her a check for $5000 and tell her to go elope in Hawaii.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I always said if I had a daughter, I'd give her a check for $5000 and tell her to go elope in Hawaii.
hehehehehe want to adopt me??? I'd make a great daughter and I promise I'd make wonderful use of that $5000 cheque and marriage in Hawaii!!!
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Congratulations Courtney!! If there is one day in your life that you are allowed to be selfish, it's your wedding day. No one can please everyone on that day, but as long as you are happy with it and end up married at the end of the day, then it's successful. It sounds like you are truly happy with the decision; if you're happy then the people who love you will be happy too.

I think the wording suggested is great, so I don't have anything to add to it. But a Myrtle Beach wedding sounds positively divine! (And don't worry about the honeymoon issue, though it sounds like you're working that in to the wedding. We've been married 8 year and still haven't had a honeymoon!)
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
hehehehehe want to adopt me??? I'd make a great daughter and I promise I'd make wonderful use of that $5000 cheque and marriage in Hawaii!!!
Nah, we made the choice not to have kids, and I think it's worked out fine.

On an odd note, did you know that the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base has the highest number of aircraft failure landings in the world? The reason is that the officers will use any excuse to put down there and spend a day or two playing golf at the great golf courses in the area while the mechanics "fix" the problem.
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I hope your wedding is perfect! I agree with everyone else in saying do what will make YOU happy and don't worry about anybody else! Yay!

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I always said if I had a daughter, I'd give her a check for $5000 and tell her to go elope in Hawaii.
This is what my Dad has said. If I want to get married he's going to pay me to elope!
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Now, I have been to a lavish wedding and experienced my own little intimate wedding my self, I say absolutely go for it!
The traditional weddings are too boring and frankly too expensive.
Get a caterer or fire up the bbq for food, do a finger food wedding party and have a dancefloor and awesome music along with lots of people with cameras and it will be so much more fun!

On the invites also mention the dress code. It is your wedding and have it how ever you like!

we are renewing our vows so my parents can attend and my dear friends from europe too! after that I am hireing either a Hall or Garden depending on weather hiring a dj and a caterer as a cocktail party and fun fun fun!
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I think it sounds great! And the suggestions for the invites are perfect. One thing I would suggest though is video the wedding and play it at the reception so everyone can see it. You don't have to, but it would be a nice touch. Enjoy your day and congrats!!
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Congrats and yes that does sound wonderful. I wish we'd done an intimate wedding!! Seriously.
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