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Nursing and extreme hunger?

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The last few days Keller has been very vocal and asking for food non-stop. This is not like her at all. Tuesday her babies will be 4 wks old. Is this normal? I fed her a can (5oz) and a half of wet plus 1 cup of dry and she ate it all and asked for more! She is also drinking lots.
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The babies are taking a lot out of her. I am NO EXPERT on nursing mom cats, but I would say, give her what she wants. Are you feeding her high quality kitten food? That will help with her caloric load. And nutritional replenishment.
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She is eating Wellness Core dry and a combo of wet (Avoderm, wellness, Nutro Max kitten). I figured that might be it, she is never this hungry.
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Ya, I'd give her what she wants for now, but you may want to slow it down after her kittens are all weaned, because she won't need all of that milk.
How are the kittens doing anyway? They must have really grown
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They are getting so cute! They are venturing out of their space and starting to explore. I am going to move them to a more kid proof place today
I will also try and take some pictures.
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Awww, that's so cute!!!
I just love kittens! So what were their final names?
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Give her what she wants while she is still nursing. I'm free feeding De at the moment and she's eating about 5 pouches of kitten food and two or three bowls of dry kitten food a day, plus about half a bottle of whiskas milk!!
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